Why you should not apply to be part of our South Asia Hub

We are just a stone’s throw away from the South Asian hub fellowship deadline. The hub creates more than just reporting and publishing opportunities. Basically, with our pool of resources, workshops, webinars, and weekly educational and brainstorming activities, you will grow as a professional in journalism.
We have received 155 applications across the South Asian countries so far and if you have not applied yet, here are the reasons for you to only apply for our hub. Mind you, they are true, valid reasons.

You know everything about climate change
You are a pro in the field and the United Nations is just waiting for your confirmation and availability to hire you. You are an encyclopedia of environment issues and who wants to waste time in trivial fellowships?

You are only bothered about your number of bylines
Over 20 bylines a month, that’s what you aim for. And the content? Press releases and government announcements/ launches exist for that reason. You pool in sources from reports, rehash important circulars and you are not interested in any exclusive story or in-depth reporting on environment. That is some goal to achieve!

You are lazy to learn more about environment-
You are undergoing a writer’s block after reporting for a month in the industry. You are happy with what you have learnt in your high school and college about environment. After spending 16-17 years in studying the boring environmental science textbooks, why should anyone deal with the same boredom again?

You want money and the stipend by CT is not enoughWe hear you. Since we will be working a lot towards compiling, creating and curating resourcing that will educate you and give you better skills, networking opportunities, it is more of what you are taking from the hub. On the other hand, when you are reporting, we will be guiding you right from the story pitches, through the editing process and till the time it gets published. So the stipend does not aim to replace your monthly salary. Rather, the hub facilitates critical thinking and meaningful reporting which we overlook due to the stringent deadlines.
You do not have enough time- Oh yes! We forgot. You just have 24 hours, but we have 48 hours in a day to juggle between our tasks. Sigh! We pity your situation.

You just don’t care
Who wants to know about where the glaciers are melting, bees are dying or people suffering from water shortage? I got my three lavish meals a day in my AC room, with 24-hours water supply. So live your life, guys! Why worry about something that’s going to cause crisis 20 or 30 years later?

Environment problems exist only in Asian, developing countries and you want to settle in the US anyway-
There is poverty only in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, which in turn causes these environmental crisis. Climate emergency is just an illusion. If you have money, everything is possible. You can live unaffected and that’s five in the next two years, you are planning to shift to the US and settle there forever. Please don’t worry me, Asia!