WEBINAR: Exploring the Connections between Climate & Health

In just a few months, Covid-19 has shaken the foundations of everything we thought was unmovable. These unprecedented times were, ironically, always in the cards. They have been foretold, warned about and hinted at. We knew they would arrive at some point, but they have taken us almost by surprise. Healthcare has moved from the depths of newspapers and the spare time in TV news sets to the forefront. 

But health is not a disconnected story. It has been established that one of the main driving forces behind the pandemic is environmental degradation. It’s intimately linked to the destruction of nature, much as climate is. Health is a climate story, and climate is a health story. In unprecedented times like this, knowing this link has become a must for climate journalists.

Join our webinar on climate and health to learn more about how journalism gives you the opportunity to explore these connections. Three top professionals from the climate and health fields will share their insights and advice to help you in your career and development as climate journalists.

DATE: Wednesday 2nd September, 2020
TIME: 1pm (GMT-4) 

Here’s a peak into what our discussions will focus on: 

  • Covering climate change in COVID-19 times
  • Linkages between climate change and human health
  • Why does framing matter in climate change news?
  • Role of health professionals in climate change coverage
  • Main writing guidelines on health and climate change
  • Practical guidelines (Sources, How to reach the reader. Organizing information, Themes of interest: heat waves, pollution, infectious diseases…)