Sustainable Energy in Africa Webinar Series

Together with HiVOS, we were excited to host a three-part Sustainable Energy Webinar Series! We invited some amazing young African professionals who gave key insights into the energy industry in countries across Africa.  


Sustainable Energy in Africa

To kick things off, our guest speakers gave a great overview of the energy landscape in Africa. 

Clean Energy Cooking

Did you know that over 2.6 billion people lack access to clean cooking facilities, relying instead on solid biomass, kerosene or coal as their primary cooking fuel. In this episode, we discussed the critical hindrances toward achieving greater access to clean energy cooking and even got some contact information for persons you can contact to help in your writing. 

sustainable energy

Investigating Energy & Reporting in Africa

A critical part of energy reporting is finding out the truth about the sector, but it is also important to shine light on the human stories; people want to read about those who are most affected and vulnerable to the impacts of the dirty energy. As journalists, it’s our responsibility to create the connections. 

Who has the power to effect much-needed energy divestment? What are the facts the public needs to be made aware of regarding the energy sector in Africa?

Only if we ask ourselves these crucial questions, will we find the answers and discover routes to stories that make a difference and inspire change.

This is where a deeper strategic approach to investigating energy & reporting in Africa comes into the picture. It strengthens a journalists’ ability to shape and communicate the right narrative. 

During this final webinar, we learn more about how to approach the energy sector in your journalism and gain insight into the field.


No worries if you missed our one or all of the webinars in the series. We’ve made them accessible here for you to download and listen to! You’ll enjoy them. My favourite part is learning all about the practical experiences of the guest speakers in Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. Honestly, I didn’t know I didn’t know that much about Clean Energy Cooking before tuning in to Webinar #2. 

And to help you out with your reporting some more, we’ve also put together this admittedly awesome Sustainable Energy Reporting Toolkit.  


And before you go!

Together with Hivos, Climate Tracker will be training and sending 6 amazing African journalists to cover the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Rwanda, this May (26th-28th).

We are looking for young journalists from across Africa who want to write incredible stories about the energy challenges in their home country and make a big impact in their countries by publishing about energy.

If this peaks your interest, click the button below for more information.