Indonesia’s Media Coverage of Coal & Renewables: Report

Register today for our WEBINAR on Coal & Renewables Reporting in Southeast Asia! Hosted by our very own media research fellows in Indonesia!
Register today for our WEBINAR on Coal & Renewables Reporting in Southeast Asia! Hosted by our very own media research fellows in Indonesia!

How do Vietnam’s leading news outlets frame coal and renewable energy development in the country? Who do they quote ? How much do they care about economic vs environmental impacts? 

Together with the Stanley Centre for Peace and Security, we’ve been working with young media researchers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines as they analysed how media in their countries are covering clean energy issues and identify opportunities to strengthen future reporting.

31 young journalists were selected and participated in two weeks of cutting-edge training and mentorship. They came together to learn the fundamentals of media research and analysis. Their research analysis is being published as a co-authored regional report shared among leading organisations across the region.

In this webinar, we’ll address your questions as we launch the report on Vietnam’s findings – Fueling the Tiger Cubs—How Southeast Asia’s Media is Covering Coal’s Last Frontier (Vietnam). 

DATE: 19th November, 2020
TIME: 8pm (GMT+7)

This analysis will not only map out the ways that journalists and media organizations have been reporting on coal and clean energy-related issues in different country contexts in the region, but also identify barriers to strengthening and sustaining coverage.

Our webinar will feature Ari Ulandari Cherika Hardjakusumah, two Climate Tracker fellows who compiled this wonderful report on coal and renewable energy media coverage in Indonesia after 3 months of research. They will be available for a Q & A session and discussions on potential action points to address the key issues found. 



Ari Ulandari is a 30-year-old writer and researcher. Previously, she worked as a content writer at Kumparan. Environmental issues are always interesting for her. Her master’s thesis discussed Bali Bombings which happened in 2002. As a freelance writer, she now hopes to use her skills to provide more information about environmental movements, especially about climate movement.


Cherika is a research and communication specialist with over 5 years of experience gained from multi-faceted career roles in Europe and Asia. She is passionate about climate and energy issues and has worked on various research projects related to palm oil, biofuels, and solar energy. Cherika is keen to learn more about energy access and low carbon economic development which she finds highly relevant to her home country, Indonesia. When she is not working on energy stuff, you’ll find her talking about cultural interactions, diversity, and inclusion in her podcast channel.

To read our entire research report, “Coal and Renewable Energy Reporting in Indonesia,” click on the image below:

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