Vacancy: Caribbean Communications Officer

We are in search of a talented Caribbean Communications Officer who knows how to ignite international campaigns and thrive in a remote work environment.
We are in search of a talented Caribbean Communications Officer who knows how to ignite international campaigns and thrive in a remote work environment.

About Climate Tracker Caribbean

Climate Tracker was founded in 2015 and has delivered cutting-edge journalism training, grants and innovative media campaigns ever since. Through our programmes, we have engaged more than 15,000 young journalists with fellowships, opportunities, and training around the world. A lot of this is thanks to our brilliant comms work, our brand identity, and global outreach.

Job Summary

At Climate Tracker we are in search of a talented Caribbean Communications Officer who knows how to ignite international campaigns and thrive in a remote work environment. This role is all about creating captivating content, planning strategic communications and organising events and workshops to uplift climate journalism in the Caribbean.

As the go-to person for the Caribbean team, the Communications Officer will work closely with young journalists throughout the region and around the world, helping them shine and build their profiles. This is a chance to unleash creativity and deliver powerful products and content for our incredible community of young climate journalists.

At Climate Tracker Caribbean, we don’t just talk the talk; we love to measure impact and continuously learn from successes and areas for improvement. If you’re up for the challenge, join us in making waves as we amplify the voices of Caribbean climate reporters.



  • Gear up your creativity and execute engaging communication strategies and campaigns that captivate journalists and the public around climate-related issues.
  • Channel your writing prowess and create compelling content like articles, press releases, and social media posts that effectively spread the word about our exciting opportunities and campaigns.
  • Become the social media superstar and rock our platforms with consistent and captivating content that leaves our target audience craving more.
  • Network like a pro and build lasting relationships with media outlets, influencers, and partner organisations to amplify the reach and impact of our communication efforts.
  • Unleash your visual storytelling skills and produce multimedia content that pops, including jaw-dropping videos, stunning graphics, and eye-catching infographics.
  • Dive into the data and analyse social media metrics to evaluate the success of our communication campaigns, optimising our content strategies for maximum impact.
  • Get hands-on with event organisation and promotion, empowering young people through workshops, community hangouts, and exciting climate action events in the Caribbean.
  • Stay in the know and stay ahead by being updated on the latest climate news, trends, and developments in the Caribbean region, bringing fresh perspectives to our communication efforts.
  • Team up and collaborate closely with the Climate Tracker Caribbean crew, aligning our communication strategies with our big-picture organisational goals and initiatives.


  • Minimum of 1 year of relevant and proven experience in communications, preferably within the Caribbean region.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, with the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively.
  • Proficiency in creating engaging content across various platforms.
  • Familiarity with climate change issues and a passion for environmental advocacy.
  • Experience in managing organisational social media accounts, including content creation, scheduling, and community management.
  • Proficiency in producing multimedia content.
  • Proficiency in using multimedia editing tools such as CapCut and Canva
  • Excellent organisational skills with the ability to manage various international projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.

It’s also great, but not essential if you have: 

  • Language Skills: Proficiency in Spanish and/or French in addition to English, to effectively communicate with diverse audiences within the Caribbean region.
  • Fellow experience: Prior participation as a Climate Tracker Fellow or experience with Climate Tracker initiatives, demonstrating a strong commitment to climate journalism and communication.
  • Community Management: Experience in community management and engagement on social media platforms, fostering meaningful interactions and building an active and supportive community.
  • Event Management: Experience in organising and managing events, workshops, or conferences related to climate change or youth empowerment.

Some tips for your application!

  • Be creative: Showcase your innovative approach through attention-grabbing application materials. The more innovative you are, the better!
  • Demonstrate passion for climate change: Highlight your genuine interest and commitment to addressing environmental challenges.
  • Be authentic and passionate: Personalise your application to explain why this role specifically appeals to you and how you envision making a positive impact in your country or region.
  • Let us know your Caribbean knowledge: Tell us how familiarised you are with Caribbean topics, don’t hold back!  

This job isn’t for you

  • If you can’t work independently and aren’t experienced in proactively leading and acting on challenges faced in your own work. 
  • If you’re not flexible and able to manage your time effectively – working in this role may require engaging potential partners in a range of timezones.
  • If you can’t meet deadlines. We rely on team members who can plan accordingly, and meet timelines so that other team members can collaborate effectively. 
  • If you aren’t ready to work with different types of people. We have team members from all around the world who bring a range of cultural approaches to their work and work in a range of different geographies. Part of working well in our team means working well with the different team members and making the most of the different opportunities, talents and challenges each of us faces. 
  • If you don’t have a stable internet connection and/or aren’t comfortable working on a range of communications and project management programs 
  • If you aren’t comfortable being transparent about your work challenges. Working in a remote environment, the faster we can share both professional and personal struggles the easier it is for us to work together to overcome them.

What we offer

Great benefits, regardless of geography, gender or field of work. We believe in hiring passionate team members who will collaborate to get the work done, knowing their colleagues are all in the same boat. This job is a part-time role, offered pro rata.

Climate Tracker also offers all their contractors a standard rate of holiday leave and additional benefits to help cover limited educational, medical and/or WFH costs each month.

To apply for this position, submit your application HERE.

Applications will be accepted until Monday 12th June, 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For queries, please feel free to contact:

  • Dizzanne Billy: Caribbean Regional Director
  • Yamlek Mojica: Caribbean Communications Officer