Welcome to our first Train-the-Trainer Online Course!

We are so excited to join in on the online learning movement, and we bet you are too! 

Bringing climate communications to others in an easy-to-follow e-course with free tips and other resources—what can be better? 

Our Train-the-Trainer course has been designed to cover most basic journalism skills—pitching, article-framing, interviewing, data visualization, and more—in the context of human-interest climate journalism. 

In addition to helping you become an effective trainer, we also have modules that deal with the logistics of holding a workshop, offline and online.

The materials are thus divided into 3 sections: 

  1. Skills Training: Climate Journalism Staples
    – The Basics – Getting trainees excited about climate journalism
    – Following a Story: Framing, Research and Interviewing Explained
    – Getting Creative: Data Visualization 101
    – Fairness in Climate Journalism: Types of Bias and How to Avoid Them
  2. Content Training: Linking Climate & Humans
    – Health and Climate Change
    – Living in the New Age: Climate Adaptation
  3. Logistics: Planning the Workshop
    – Finding Partners
    – Budgeting
    – Campaign Outreach
    – Online Workshop

Our team put together this content to help you make the most of the presentations and have access to really useful materials you can compile and keep for further use! 

This course is like the offspring of our team (current and past) – Ignacio Amigo, Mai Hoang, Chris Wright, Anna Perez Catala, Arthur Wyns, and many more! 

So with that, watch this short intro video to know more about Climate Tracker and this course! 

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