Opportunity to Report on Just Transition in Southeast Asia (Paid)

Storytellers in Southeast Asia! This is your chance! We’re searching for 10 emerging storytellers from Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, who will go through an in-depth writing fellowship over a 2 month period, focusing on a just and green transition from COVID-19 for the region. 


Each fellow will be supported to write 1 climate feature story each month for focusing on the need to support a Just Transition after COVID and energy inequality in Southeast Asia, while undergoing a range of connected training and collaborations covering social media engagement, data visualisations and in-depth journalism tools unique to Southeast Asia. 

This opportunity will take place across 8 week fellowships and will include monthly training, small group mentorship and collaborative research. 

We’re excited to support you in producing powerful publications but also help you engage in audio and social media journalism. he aim is to produce both powerful final publications, but also to engage more broadly in audio and social media stories, as well as producing stories published in their national media and through Climate Tracker and RLS’ channels. 


Interested in applying? Submit your application by October 30th! Show us your experience in journalism and pay close attention to your desire to deepen your understanding and experience in climate change reporting. 


Our mentoring process is shaped to be very focused on providing individual feedback and support. It has been specifically designed to have key skill-based collaborative experiences throughout. This process involves skill-sharing and collaborative exercises that will truly boost your career and marketability. 

If that’s not enough to entice, you how about this:

You will have the chance to engage in: 

● In-depth climate stories published in your country’s first language, as well as translated back into English for publication on Climate Tracker and RLS’ international platforms. 

● Instagram and/or Facebook live sessions highlighting your work and research 

● Podcast episodes highlighting your work and learnings  

● A Regional research report focussing on a green and just transition coverage across Southeast Asia


Open to journalists (aged 18-35) from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Participants must be able to analyze articles in both their national language and English. 

Having experience or background in the environmental field will be a plus. People with a full-time job are welcome to apply, given the timing flexibility of the research project! 


The process is simple! Head over to our App, sign up, and then submit your application. All you’ve got to do is tell us why we should choose you. Include links to stories you’ve published that you’re most proud of, research you’ve done, your CV, anything that will boost your credibility and standing!

If you face any difficulties, make sure to contact Dizzanne at dizzanne@climatetracker.org and she’ll do her best to help you out.

Good luck!