Negotiations Tracker: Thursday 5

Here we aim to offer a daily brief on the state of the negotiations at COP25

Credits: Allan Jay Quesada

The negotiations are not moving fast, and that is not a good sign. Many of the controversial topics are still on the table, most likely waiting for ministers to arrive next week.
On Carbon Markets, a new text was released yesterday early morning, which did not solve any of the major issues. There could be a new text tomorrow so we will be able to see if the co-chairs are pushing the parties.
Seems like China is backing Brazil in allowing to bring Kyoto-time credits (aka hot air) into the Paris market mechanism. Some not-so-good-for-the-planet BRICS cooperation.
Time has been extended for the negotiations on Loss and Damage, where developing countries are pushing for the “implementation arm” of the mechanism to be able to respond technically and financially. As of now, there does not seem to a be a compromise going forward.
Similarly, countries are still discussing the Common Timeframes for climate pledges. Many of the developing countries prefer a 5-year timeframe. And the group of independent latinoamerican countries wants a 5+5 scenario. Russia and Japan are strongly pushing for 10 years. Our bet is that we are not seeing  a resolution this year.