#MyFellowshipExperience: What I learned from my media research on plastics in Vietnam

Participating in Climate Tracker’s research project on media coverage of plastics in Southeast Asia in the past two months has provided me with a toolbox of hard and soft skills for my professional journalism. Research has proven to be a fantastic supplement to my skills training, allowing me to strengthen my understanding of the media representations of plastic issues in Vietnam as well as other countries in Southeast Asia. Besides, working with Climate Tracker fellows has been a pleasant experience for me, as I found myself in a strong community of transparency, accountability, and integrity.

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This was the first time I’ve attended a comprehensive journalistic training that focuses specifically on plastics. Taking additional time to gain a detailed understanding of the limitations of the present media coverage over single-use plastic also helped me reassess my own writing so that I can deliver the information and message more effectively in the future. Despite the fact that plastic pollution has been a threat, there is still a big gap between people’s knowledge, media orientation, and reality. For me, this experience has instilled an investigative mindset and an appreciation for the results of media research.

Undeniably, the media plays an important role in shaping perceptions and propagating popular solutions to reduce single-use plastics. As an environmental reporter, I also hope to contribute a small effort to the world’s fight against plastic pollution.

Want to learn more about media coverage of plastics in Southeast Asia? Check out our full report and tune into our podcast ⬇️⬇️.This was made possible due to our partnership with Break Free from Plastic.

Trang Do
Do Thuy Trang graduated Cum Laude from Drexel University, United States with a Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2016. After coming back to her home country – Vietnam, she continued to study and earned bachelor degree in Lesgislative Law at Hanoi Law University in 2021. Since 2017, she has worked as a reporter for Vietnam Law Newspaper – a press agency under the Ministry of Justice. She is a prolific and diligent writer, covering various issues such as environment, culture, transportation, tourism.