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Meet our climate change media mentorship fellows

Have you met our new media mentorship fellows? From Argentina to the Solomon Islands, it's an awesome bunch. Get to know them.
Have you met our new media mentorship fellows? From Argentina to the Solomon Islands, it's an awesome bunch. Get to know them.

We’re wrapping up 2021 with a new batch of awesome young journalists from around the world joining our competitive Climate Change Media Mentorship programme. 😊

Now entering its 3rd cycle, this programme will see 6 fellows from very different backgrounds and countries teaming up to learn about new media journalism while also participating in hands-on storytelling.

They’ll be publishing powerful stories, engaging in podcasts, writing newsletters, running awesome social media ventures, and so much more. Meet our fellows!

climate change media


Cece is a young Kenyan journalist with 3 years of experience writing powerful stories. She enjoys writing and photography and wants her work to make an impact on society. Cece has published in both print and digital media and has a keen interest in solutions journalism as she sees this as the key to dealing with climate change and environmental issues. With a special interest in reporting on plastic pollution, Cece graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and has been contributing to the Nation Media Group as a correspondent. 

As a journalist and a storyteller, my key role is telling the stories in communities that will address the need for climate action and change of local and global  policies to ensure we have a future for the next generation.”

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climate change media


Jeremy joins us Solomon Islands! He’s a photographer and was recognised as one of the top 100 young journalists by the British Council in 2019. Gwao is also one of nine directors on the short Documentary Award Winning film Sky Aelans. He is  passionate about being a vessel to amplify the voice of those whose stories are not often heard. 

“For us in the Pacific islands, climate change is something that is our reality. It’s not just something that we read about, we live it on a daily basis and see it right in front of us. Many islands are sinking and we face threats to our food security, development, and livelihoods. Climate migration is real. I’m happy to be a Climate Tracker fellow to advocate, raise voices, and campaign for climate justice for all, especially for the small island countries.” 

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Aatreyee is a quiet reporter using the power of written word to leave imprints on this planet as long as life lasts. She is an independent journalist with over 1 year of experience publishing in reputable national and international publications. Her areas of interest revolve around the interaction of technology and climate change as well as gender and human rights issues across India. 

“The shift to climate journalism has been observed in recent times when environmental news outlets worldwide have started focusing on climate change issues facing the indigenous and the low-income community everywhere. Now, a link between climate change and the victims can be established readily as the lifestyle of the subjects are shaped by the abundant natural resources, rivers and forests sprawling across this belt.” 

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Clara is a journalist currently finishing up a degree in Communications. She’s an environmental activist and loves to write but is particularly intrigued by transmedia storytelling. She desires to mix environmental and climate stories with investigation and social media. 

“Latin America is one of the regions most affected by climate change and their impacts. Even though most of the economic activities in Latin America, and mostly in Argentina, depend on a stable climate, it doesn’t mean that climate stories are told on mainstream media. So, climate journalism is doubly important here, not only because it is a global issue, but because of the special social, economical and cultural impact it has on the region.”

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Sonam is a multi- media journalist and a storyteller from a mountainous region of  Dolpo,Nepal whose narrative focuses on conservation, environment, culture and women.  

She is interested in weaving the wisdom of the past indigenous knowledge in her communities in conservation, ecology and environment inter connecting with the scientific knowledge today for a sustainable and  better mindful future.

“In my community in Dolpo, Nepal, the locals worship the lakes, the mountains, and the land. Their faith is deeply ingrained in Nature conservation. But they also witness the change over the past years, as the glacier melts, the rise of golf, erratic rainfall and snowfall, and the impacts are on agriculture, the pastureland and their livestock which are their major source of income. So, acting to make a creative voice and consciousness on how we can make a solution journalism is important today.”

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Have you met our new media mentorship fellows? From Argentina to the Solomon Islands, it's an awesome bunch. Get to know them.


Agbaje Ayomide is a 22-year-old Nigerian freelance writer and digital storyteller who grew up in a suburb affected by environmental issues. In the past 4 years, Agbaje Ayomide has gained experience working in key capacities at the intersection of climate communications, sustainable development, media, campus journalism, social impact and policy making.

Since 2018, he has written feature stories and op-ed articles on various local and international media outlets addressing socio-economic issues. He is a 2020 alumnus of the prestigious British Council’s Future News Worldwide programme for young journalists across the world and 2021 Veteran Journalist of the Year by Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ). It is the most senior award in the organization.

“Climate journalism is a tool in covering its impacts on ecosystems, projecting climate solutions, helping people be factually aware of climate crisis and its risks to everyday lives, and as well holding authorities accountable on policies that contribute to environmental degradation.”

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This diverse group of young climate change media professionals will be brining their local stories to life!

Dizzanne Billy
Dizzanne is the Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker, a freelance writer, and an all-around storyteller. With a special place in her heart for the beach, cats, and Coldplay, she's experienced in journalism, communications, marketing, and finding the perfect song to suit any situation.