Join our Climate Journalism workshop in Jordan!

Climate Tracker in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Regional Climate and Energy Project MENA, is happy to announce that we will be hosting a workshop in Jordan this year! 

The workshop will be a unique opportunity for journalists in Jordan to be trained on climate change communications and the importance of energy transition in the country and the Arab work. 


Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge we have ever faced in history. Millions of lives are lost every year due to climate change impacts and these numbers will get worse unless the world takes climate action and energy transition as a top priority. 

This is where climate journalism comes in. In order for people to be more aware about climate change and its impact on their daily life, they need to be able to relate to the issue and understand it. The current level of climate awareness in the Arab region is low and the environment is considered a secondary issue. 

This workshop aims to train journalists in Jordan on how to better communicate climate change topics in their country, and be able to convert complex climate studies to simple terms that the average citizen can understand and relate to. The workshop will also aim to highlight the importance of energy transition for Jordan and reflect on the current work being done by the government. 

I’m interested. How do I join?

It’s simple. All you need to is:

  • Sign up on our Climate Tracker app to join the competition 
  • Submit the following:
    • Your CV (upload it to any online drive and share the link)
    • Samples of your previous work (if you are not a journalists, please highlight why you are interested in joining and how you would benefit from this workshop) 

What can I submit as work samples? 

Your work sample should be a piece (preferably related to the competition theme) published in local, national or international media outlets. Unfortunately, we can’t accept self-owned blog entities. 


Does it have to be a written publication? 

No! As long as you can send us a link or some evidence of your work, we’ll accept it. We love getting radio clips, PDFs of printed journalism, podcast links and TV snippets.


I don’t have a lot of experience in journalism, can I apply? 

While most of our training’s targets are journalists we also encourage environmental activists to join us and develop essential journalism skills that can help them in their activism. If you are not a journalist, feel free to sign up and explain to us why this opportunity is important for you.