Job opportunity: Communications Manager (closed)

As our Communications Manager, you will identify the needs and interests of our programmes and our partners and use data and insights to make informed decisions regarding the direction we take.
As our Communications Manager, you will identify the needs and interests of our programmes and our partners and use data and insights to make informed decisions regarding the direction we take.

We’re looking for a new team member to join us as Communications Manager! 

This person will create, implement, and oversee communications strategies, both internally and externally. They’ll effectively promote Climate Tracker and its programmes and provide supervision and direction to staff and will work closely with our regional managers. 

This is your chance to be the voice and face interacting with our communities across the globe. 

We’re looking for a dynamic leader who is passionate about marketing, communications, outreach, and the climate movement, to join our team and be proactive about their work. As our Communications Manager, you will identify the needs and interests of our programmes and our partners and use data and insights to make informed decisions regarding the direction we take. 

You should be able to measure effects and results, learn from what has been gained, and constantly work toward performance improvements. 

communications manager

Your focus areas

  • Oversee Climate Tracker’s Communications and Outreach efforts 
  • Manage Climate Tracker’s Communications and Outreach Team to cultivate Climate Tracker’s community of writers and mentors through specific community engagement events, community groups on social media, community message boards, and direct messaging apps
  • Managing Climate Tracker’s Social Media Accounts in a manner that focuses on cultivating and celebrating our international journalism community. 
  • Managing our outreach campaigns such that we reach higher applicant numbers and higher quality applicants than we have had before.
  • Promote Climate Tracker’s brand to external organisations through the promotion and celebration of our community of journalists
  • Lead on tracking engagement and reach analytics across the Climate Tracker communication channels (social media, website, newsletter, podcast), including campaign-based analytics and strategies for improved engagement, with clear content and strategic shifts made in response to monthly analysis

Essential Experience Needed

  • 2 – 4+ years of previous experience in a communications, media, and/or marketing role
  • Experience working in either journalism or a non-profit space organization 
  • A strong understanding of the the digital marketing landscape
  • Working fluency in English and 1 other language 
  • Versatile and adaptable skills necessary to flourish in a fast-paced and wide-ranging work environment 
  • Experience in working without supervision and leading communications and outreach strategies independently 
  • Comfortable working online and remote environment, including and work across phone/video conferencing, time zones, a range of online communication and project management tools etc. 


  • Availability to work at least 38 hours per week at our standard rates
  • Proven digital marketing experience 
  • Proven experience in the climate movement 
  • Proven ability to manage an international team 
  • People person 


  • Experience in either journalism, communications, or environmental organisation 
  • A clear understanding of climate news and science
  • Ability to interpret website traffic and online customer engagement metrics
  • Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask 

This job isn’t for you…

– If you can’t work independently and aren’t experienced in proactively leading and acting on challenges faced in your own work. 

– If you’re not passionate about people, and developing personal relationships with our community and network members 

– If you’re not flexible and able to manage your time effectively – working in this role may require engaging potential partners in a range of timezones 

– If you can’t meet deadlines. We rely on team members who can plan accordingly, and meet timelines so that other team members can collaborate effectively. 

– If you aren’t ready to work with different types of people. We have team members from all around the world who bring a range of cultural approaches to their work, and work in a range of different geographies. Part of working well in our team means working well with the different team members, and making the most of the different opportunities, talents and challenges each of us face. 

– If you don’t have stable internet connection and/or aren’t comfortable working on a range of communications and project management programs – If you aren’t comfortable being transparent about your work challenges. Working in a remote environment, the faster we can share both professional and personal struggles the easier it is for us to work together to overcome them.

What we offer

  • A unique opportunity to work as part of a dynamic, globally-minded group of individuals who are passionate about the fight against climate change
  • A flexible work environment and the space to shape and continuously develop your role
  • A competitive salary


This is a remote position and it’s not limited to any country or region. 

How to apply:

To submit your application, simply submit this form by June 6th, 2022.

Start date:

Projected to start in June 2022

If you think this sounds like something that you’d be happy to be a part of, please don’t hesitate to apply! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Dizzanne Billy – Communications and Outreach Director –

Dizzanne Billy
Dizzanne is the Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker, a freelance writer, and an all-around storyteller. With a special place in her heart for the beach, cats, and Coldplay, she's experienced in journalism, communications, marketing, and finding the perfect song to suit any situation.