From Bullets to Seedlings: Meet Lanao’s Palaw Rangers

Written by Norhanidah Macatoon

Published: August 16, 2023

In 2019, former fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front were recruited as forest rangers to implement the government’s greening program in the Bangsamoro region.

In this video, fellow Nidah Macatoon featured the former rebels who laid down their arms and embraced a new mission: to protect and preserve the forests of Lanao del Sur.

Meet the Palaw rangers.

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Norhanidah Macatoon

Norhanidah gained national prominence after she captured the first ever visuals that came off from the 2017 Marawi siege. The five-month armed confrontation between pro-ISIS militants and military forces flattened infrastructures and forcibly displaced 98% of the total population of the city. This prompted Norhanidah to become a mental health advocate helping youth to process the traumatic experience.

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