Feature: three great stories from our SEForAll Forum campaign

Today we want to highlight some of the best articles we have received as part of our campaign to provide six fully-funded journalism fellowships to the Sustainable Energy For All in Kigali, Rwanda, between the 26th-28th of May.

Three very different pieces, three very different journalists, but all three have what we look for in journalism: human-centred and forward-looking stories.

Rural Kenya Reaping Fruits Of Solar Power

Through the personal stories of Nicholas Kyalo, Frederick Ojiambo and Milsa Okochi, from the Ukambania and Sidonge villages in Kenya, Faith Jegalat sheds a light on how solar power in its different forms has changed their lives for good. 

Media: African Sustainability Matters.

Faith Jelagat is a journalist and digital marketer at Africa Sustainability Matters. She’s passionate about sharing information on core issues around sustainability and climate change. Faith believes that information is power and sharing it as the first step towards sustainable change. 

Wood Fuel, a Hazardous Option for the Rural Poor

From rural Ghana, Dennis takes us through the risks that come with the usage of wood as the main fuel for food cooking and ends with a reflection on what should be the way moving forward.

Media: Ghana News Agency.

Dennis Kwadwo Peprah is a Chief Reporter at the Ghana News Agency (GNA), a state-owned media broadcaster (online) in Ghana, Western Africa. He has worked with the Agency for almost 18 years and currently is the Regional Secretary for the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in-charge of Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Regions.

Government Moves to Incorporate Solar into Energy Mix

Lungelo dives into how the Zimbabwean Government falls short on its promises of new renewable investments from 2017 up until now in 2020. No new funding has arrived and Lungelo helps us understand why this might be due to bureaucracy, corruption and bottlenecks.

Media: The Chronicle.

Lungelo Ndhlovu is a multiple-award-winning international journalist based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He specialises in news writing, photography and video production, covering major news, features and local events for various media organisations. He also researches and writes about news stories on digital platforms and visual journalism.