COP26 stories from across Asia

While we’re yet to see where the discussions and the progress on the implementation of COP26’s Glasgow Climate Pact leads us, we do have an idea of what the COP26 journey was like for the Global South. This is thanks to our team of young journalists who reported live and in-person on the climate summit. 

Here we’re happy to share with you our power-packed team of 7 Asian journalists! This is a roundup of some of the best stories from across Asia.

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John Leo Algo, Philippines

John is the Deputy Executive Director of Living Laudato Si’ Philippines and a member of the interim Secretariat of Aksyon Klima Pilipinas. He’s been representing the Philippines and civil society in regional and global UN climate and environmental conferences since 2017. As a citizen journalist, he’s written on climate and environmental issues for global and national media platforms since 2016. John earned his MS Atmospheric Science degree from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2018.

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Monika Mondal, India
Independent journalist

If not eating, reading or writing, she must be scraping waste to work on some shabby DIY project. She lives a minimalist life, speaks Hindi, Bangla, English, and has been a beginner level Spanish and Italian speaker for over 2 years, with little success.

She has also won seven local, regional, and international press awards, the most recent is the covering climate now award for 2021.

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Trang Do, Vietnam
Freelance journalist

Do Thuy Trang graduated Cum Laude from Drexel University, United States with a Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2016. After coming back to her home country – Vietnam, she continued to study and earned a bachelor degree in Lesgislative Law at Hanoi Law University in 2021. Since 2017, she has worked as a reporter for Vietnam Law Newspaper – a press agency under the Ministry of Justice. She is a prolific and diligent writer, covering various issues such as environment, culture, transportation, tourism.

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Made Anthony Iswara, Indonesia
Data journalist

Made is a data journalist who strives to integrate research, communication and development economics to advocate policies. He has won 5 journalism awards and is among the five winners that won Best Article for the 2020 EU4Wartawan Competition organized by the European Union.

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Vaishnavi Rathore, India
Environmental journalist

Vaishnavi Rathore, 25, is from India. She is currently living in New Delhi, but has a family that moved a lot while she was growing up. That gave her the chance to live all across the country—in deserts of Rajasthan, the Himalayas, fertile plains of Punjab, and more.

For a little over a year, she has been working as an Environment Associate with The Bastion, a young development journalism organisation that focuses on coverage of environment, education, sports, and more recently on tech and health.

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Yiyao Yang, China

Yiyao is a committed young professional with experience in journalism and development. She learned about dislocation and communication barriers through her work in China, Japan, and countries with fragile infrastructures, such as the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, where she witnessed the adverse effects of climate change. Besides climate stories, she covers migration and contemporary art. Yiyao is now studying at Hertie School in Berlin.

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Nicha Wachpanich, Thailand

Bangkok-based journalist covering environmental stories from policymaking table to the the river bank communities. Nicha believes everybody deserves to know what’s going on with their life and how the changing climate is affecting us all. She sees that it’s time people know about the global negotiations and how they will impact on the local scale.

From Thailand, to India, to China- this comprehensive list of reports sure gives us an inside view of what it was like at COP26 from multiple perspectives, doesn’t it?

Stuti Sharma
Climate Tracker's Asia Community Manager. A marketing communications wiz, she is a lighthouse of ideas and a multifaceted prism – you might just see a rainbow come shine out of her when the light hits the right spot. Working out of New Delhi, India, she loves being around animals and nature. Also speaks Hindi.