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COP26 | Everything you need to know

COP26 is upon us! Join our open training sessions to be brought up-to-speed on all things UN Climate Talks.
COP26 is upon us! Join our open training sessions to be brought up-to-speed on all things UN Climate Talks.

This year’s Conference of Parties (COP26) takes place in Glasgow from 1-12 November, 2021. Are you equipped with all the information you need to understand the importance of these negotiations? Do you need a crash course to get a grip on the journey from the formation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) in 1994 to the Kyoto Protocol and from the Paris Accord to Glasgow?

It will be one of the pivotal events of 2021, with a focus on countries increasing the ambition of their commitments to tackle the climate emergency.

That’s why we’re happy to partner with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) to offer three courses to help bring you up-to-speed.

SESSION 1 – Setting the scene for COP26: History and Key Issues

We’ll cover the history of the UN climate talks, key expectations/topics to be debated at COP26, and give insights into:

  • The Paris Rulebook
  • Article 6
  • Climate Finance
  • Loss and Damage
  • NDC ambition
  • Broader Context – Energy Crisis and G20
  • Final COP26 Outcomes

Chris Wright

Chris Wright has been reporting on the UN climate talks since 2011, and is the Founder and Managing Director of Climate Tracker.


Lina Yassin

Lina is from Sudan and has been a reporter and a member of Sudan’s delegations at past COP events in Morocco, Poland and Spain. She is now studying a Masters in Climate Change at the University of Oxford.

Paul Adepoju

Paul is a freelance journalist with a passion for reporting about development stories. His pieces have been published in major outlets including Devex, Quartz, Business Insider, Nature, The Lancet, New Scientist, British Medical Journal and several others. Paul also works with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) as a Community Manager.

Date: Wed, October 27th @ 10:30 am CEST

SESSION 2 – What has happened so far at COP26?

What have been the outcomes of COP26 so far? What are achievements and stumbling blocks (e.g. Paris rulebook, Article 6, Climate Finance, Loss and Damage, NDC ambition, transparency and common timeframes)? What does that mean for Just Transition and Climate Justice? Insights and impressions from Climate Tracker fellows and FES colleagues who attended COP 26.


Francisco Parra

Francisco is a climate journalist from Chile and Climate Tracker’s Latin American Manager. He has reported on several UN events in the past. His reporting focusses on climate justice, especially in extractive industries across Patagonia.


Tais Gadea Lara

Tais is a climate reporter from Argentina, and one of Latin America’s leading climate journalists. She writes Planeta (Planet), one of the only Spanish climate newsletters in Latin America at the digital media RED/ACCIÓN. She also works on TV at Canal de la Ciudad, the public TV channel of the city of Buenos Aires.

Date: Tue, Nov 9th @ 10:30 am (Berlin time)

SESSION 3 – What has been accomplished at COP26?

How do we build off what happened at COP26? What are the key climate justice moments to anticipate in 2022? Insights and impressions from Climate Tracker fellows and FES colleagues who attended COP 26.


Biena Magbitang

Biena is a TV producer for ABS/CBN in the Philippines. She runs the country’s leading English language business news shows and was in-person reporting at COP26.


Senami Kojah

Senami is a Nigerian journalist who has reported in conflict zones across the country. She is also Climate Tracker’s Africa manager, and supported many of Climate Tracker’s online fellows throughout COP26.

Date: Wed, Nov 17th @ 10:30 am (Berlin time)

We look forward to seeing you there! For queries, please contact our Outreach Team at dizzanne@climatetracker.org.

Dizzanne Billy
Dizzanne is the Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker, a freelance writer, and an all-around storyteller. With a special place in her heart for the beach, cats, and Coldplay, she's experienced in journalism, communications, marketing, and finding the perfect song to suit any situation.