Community hangout: Why does Africa need climate journalism?

When it comes to climate change impacts, African countries are on the frontline. Today, All of Africa accounts for less than 3% of global emissions yet, climate change impacts are getting more intense. Increasing temperatures and sea levels, changing precipitation patterns and more extreme weather are threatening human health and safety, food and water security and socio-economic development in Africa. 

In this hangout, we want to discuss why Africa needs climate journalism and the role that journalism can play in changing mindsets across the continent and pushing for stronger policies worldwide. Two climate journalists from our community will share their work experience with us and we will get a chance to have in-depth discussions and brainstorm on what Climate Tracker can do more to support African journalists. 

This invitation is open for anyone who is interested and passionate about climate change and wants to understand how they can get more involved in climate journalism. This will also be a chance to connect with other African journalists and share your thoughts with the Climate Tracker Africa community!

Date: Tuesday 31st August, 2021
Time: 3pm (GMT+2, Sudan time)


Africa needs climate journalism

Jenniger Ugwa
Jennifer Ugwa is an alumnus of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is a freelance investigative reporter and storyteller. She has built a solid reputation in journalism working for some of the country’s prestigious media outlets, such as the Pointer newspaper, Delta State Broadcasting Service and the International Centre for Investigative Reporting–a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network– in Abuja, Nigeria. Some of her stories have focused on business dynamics in Nigeria, corporate tax payments and corruption, climate change, and rights violations. Jennifer is a fellow on numerous national/international reformative and impactful journalism initiatives.

Africa needs climate journalism

Hezron Kimari
Hezron is a trained Kenyan journalist, holder of Diploma in Mass Communications based at the Coastal Kenya, and highly Interested in reporting on climate issues. He is a Climate Tracker Fellow, having taken part in the Food, Farming, and Climate Journalism Fellowship. He want to bridge the gap between farmers and policy makers and help highlight solutions to Food Security, Nutrition, Climate change and Conservation.

See you there!

Dizzanne Billy
Dizzanne is the Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker, a freelance writer, and an all-around storyteller. With a special place in her heart for the beach, cats, and Coldplay, she's experienced in journalism, communications, marketing, and finding the perfect song to suit any situation.