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We’re hiring a Communications Manager for our Asia team!

About the Organisation

Climate Tracker was founded in 2015, and has delivered cutting edge journalism training, grants and innovative media campaigns ever since. Through our programs, we have engaged more than 15,000 young journalists with fellowships, opportunities, and training around the world. A lot of this is thanks to our brilliant comms work, our brand identity, and global outreach.

About the Role 

We’re looking for a brilliant young communications professional, who knows how to balance international campaigns, and can work in a dynamic remote work environment. You will be independent, and need to be able to manage and plan your work in a way that lets you build awesome campaigns, while also keeping everyone else looped in. Your work will include content development, strategic comms planning and even some writing and hosting, if you’re into video and podcasts. 

As either our lead Communications Manager for our Asia team, you will get the chance to work with young journalists across the region as well as interact with journalists from around the world and help to build their profiles, promote our opportunities, but also build powerful products for young climate journalists 

You should be able to measure the results of your work, and help us learn from what we’re doing well, and what we need to work on. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Own Climate Tracker’s brand, website and social media 
  • Design, run and report on outreach campaigns with key national goals and targets
  • Develop Strategic comms ideas to implement innovative storytelling projects with young journalists around the world
  • Work with young journalists around the world to publish and promote their work to bigger and better audiences than ever before
  • Lead on tracking engagement and reach analytics across the Climate Tracker Asia communication channels (social media, website, newsletter, podcast), including campaign-based analytics and strategies for improved engagement, with clear content and strategic shifts made in response to monthly analysis

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work with our Asia Regional Director to design stellar project reports 
  • Host and/or edit key media products, like our podcasts or Instagram live
  • Work with media and NGO partners to collaborate on powerful global social media campaigns 
  • Re-invigorate our CT Asia website, and work on reviving other key comms products that need some inspiration

You might be just who we’re looking for, if:

  1. You love communications work – telling stories is what you do, and you love doing it all across Social media
  2. You have been a journalist or can relate
  3. You love the news, and know how important it is to be “timely”
  4. You are a digital native – you live on the internet and aren’t ashamed of it
  5. You are ready to work remotely and excited about the opportunity it brings – you’re ready to focus on tasks, but be transparent and consistent about your working hours
  6. You want to work on climate change, and understand key environmental concepts – we can help you with this, but you need to be inspired already
  7. You aren’t afraid of numbers, reports and reflecting on what’s going well and not. 
  8. You can work in English, and one other language
  9. You are creative and open – and can come up with new ideas and inspiration
  10. You have great attention to detail and can hit deadlines

It’s also great, but not essential if: 

  • You have at least 2 – 4+ years of previous experience in a communications, media, and/or marketing role
  • You can work in multimedia – things like video editing, audio editing and making beautiful graphs with data 
  • You know how to use Google ads, analytics and even some SEO
  • You have worked with an online marketing platform, like a newsletter, social media or analytics tool. 
  • You have some editorial experience

This job isn’t for you: 

  • If you can’t work independently and aren’t experienced in proactively leading and acting on challenges faced in your own work. 
  • If you’re not passionate about people, and developing personal relationships with our community and network members 
  • If you’re not flexible and able to manage your time effectively – working in this role may require engaging potential partners in a range of timezones 
  • If you can’t meet deadlines. We rely on team members who can plan accordingly, and meet timelines so that other team members can collaborate effectively. 
  • If you aren’t ready to work with different types of people. We have team members from all around the world who bring a range of cultural approaches to their work, and work in a range of different geographies. Part of working well in our team means working well with the different team members, and making the most of the different opportunities, talents and challenges each of us face. 
  • If you don’t have stable internet connection and/or aren’t comfortable working on a range of communications and project management programs 

If you aren’t comfortable being transparent about your work challenges. Working in a remote environment, the faster we can share both professional and personal struggles the easier it is for us to work together to overcome them.

What we offer: 

Great benefits and an attractive salary, regardless of geography, gender or field of work. We believe in hiring passionate team members who will collaborate to get the work done, knowing their colleagues are all in the same boat. This job has the potential for a part or full time role,  with part time roles offered pro rata.

Climate Tracker also offers all their contractors a standard rate of holiday leave and additional benefits to help cover limited educational, medical and/or WFH costs each month. 

How to Apply 

Please submit your Resume and Cover Letter as well as a few short questions to this Submission form, before April 30th, 2023.

Contact Details

For more information on this role, feel free to reach out to Biena Magbitang (Asia Regional Director) at