Africa, energy, clean cooking and the challenges ahead

While we had everything set to go, the COVID-19 outbreak made us decided to adapt our programmes so we can keep on with our mission of supporting young climate journalists around the world.

One of those plans was heading to Kigali, Rwanda, for the Sustainable Energy For All Energy Forum in May that has now been postponed until 2021. This would go together with an investigative journalism fellowship. We have been working non-stop and things are almost ready to start have this opportunity back again.

While we finish setting up the details for this, we would like to continue honouring our tradition of showcasing those journalists whose applications stand out from the rest.

How Bill to Ban Electricity Generators
Will Affect Small Businesses in Abuja

Through personal stories from the area, Jennifer Ugwa sheds a light on how controversial bill to ban electricity generators might leave behind small business owners who can’t work based on the currently unreliable Nigerian energy system. 

About the author

A diverse journalist and unapologetically optimistic, Jennifer Ugwa is a staff reporter at the International Centre for Investigative Journalism with more than two years of experience in her portfolio.

Media – International Centre for Investigative Journalism

Green Charcoal that Reduces Deforestation

Through the lens of the company International Gastronomy Pizza, the author reflects on how the example set by them – by reducing their use of wood and instead of working with green charcoal – may support Madagascian efforts towards lowering the curve of catastrophic forest cover.

About the author

A staff reporter with more than five years of experience in journalism, Nirina Lalao Claude Rakotomiarintsoa currently works as a staff member for Canal News Madagascar.

MediaCanal News Madagascar

Unclean Energy Cooking Still a Challenge in Africa
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In this report, Ridwan dives into the pressing issue of reliable clean energy cooking. Through a series of interviews, it points out that over 90% of the rural population in Ghana cooks with firewood.

About the author

A staff reporter with more than five years of experience in journalism, Ridwan Karim Dini Osman currently works at News Ghana Tonight. 

MediaNews Tonight Ghana