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Caribbean journalists on a journey to learn about energy transition reporting

The Caribbean is particularly vulnerable to climate impacts and so we're excited to share with you our team of journalists from Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago embarking on an awesome journey to learn about energy transition reporting!
The Caribbean is particularly vulnerable to climate impacts and so we're excited to share with you our team of journalists from Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago embarking on an awesome journey to learn about energy transition reporting!

The energy transition – reducing reliance on environmentally harmful, price-volatile, fossil fuels to power the region, and increasing renewable energy resources – is an essential part of securing a sustainable, resilient future for these nations, however change, so far, has been slow in pace and small in scale.

Caribbean journalists have an important role to play in tracking energy transition developments across the region, keeping the public informed, and holding decision-makers to account, however there are still critical gaps in media coverage and public awareness, despite the urgency of the Caribbean’s need to embrace an energy transition.

That’s why we’re excited to launch this initiative to provide young journalists from Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago with the opportunity to participate in our innovative and hands-on Energy Transition Journalism Fellowship, featuring regional and global experts in energy transition and award-winning Caribbean journalists. 

Meet the team!

Andrea is a freelance journalist. She recently graduated with a BA Mass Communication from COSTAATT. In her spare time Andrea loves reading comic books and thriller novels and binge watching her favorite shows.

David is an award-winning journalist in Guyana covering a range of beats for over a decade. His entire working life has been in the media, starting as a broadcast journalist and later transitioning into print and online media. He has a keen interest in climate change, natural disasters, politics, environment, health, public infrastructure, agriculture, human rights, and migration issues.

Candice is a storyteller who takes pleasure in extracting the lessons learned from difficult and pleasant experiences through insightful means. She holds an MA in Communications for Social and Behaviour Change from the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC), writing human interest articles. Candice enjoys meaningful conversations and learning about people’s experiences. From there, she often shares the hilarious, gripping, and intricate details for audiences to consume.

Vishani is a 22-year-old Guyanese journalist, with a special interest in science journalism. She is a Climate Tracker alum fellow, having reported on the COP26 climate negotiations. Vishani loves travelling, meeting new places and getting on top of high places.

Tyrell is a conservationist, environmentalist, and geographer dedicated to exploring and protecting our big beautiful world through storytelling. A Trinbagonian with a deep love for nature, he enjoys hiking, listening to the waves crashing on the twin island’s scenic beaches and immersing himself in nature as he seek to become one with the world.

At 23 years of age, Mikaila’s life revolves around writing and working. She has an avid interest in the oil and gas industry, renewable energy, and the environment. Mikaila also enjoys practicing her hand embroidery skills and participating in photo walks with Guyanese photographers. When she’s not engaging in any of the mentioned activities, she finds herself relaxing with the King of the House, her cat, Bell.

Ceola is a digital, content, and communications professional with over ten years of experience across the private and public sectors. She helped build the Caribbean’s first regional fully-digital news network – Loop News, leading the Loop Trinidad and Tobago team for six years before transitioning into a regional role with the organisation. She now manages marketing and communications for exporTT, a public agency charged with growing Trinidad and Tobago’s exports. Her first love will always be telling Trinbagonian stories, and she’s been fortunate to adapt her style of storytelling to every career she’s found herself in.

Ryan is a journalist with over 12 years of experience. He has a keen interest in climate change coverage. He’s progressed from being an intern to a reporter to a producer to an anchor. Ryan’s slugged it out with politicians, gone from reporting on a football game one day to entering the most dangerous parts of the city the next. Out of the workplace, he enjoys writing, playing sports, and supporting Arsenal FC.

Christine is Indo Guyanese/Caribbean, and an Intersectional Feminist. She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management. Christine is the Founder and Managing Director of The Breadfruit Collective – a gender and environmental justice organisation in Guyana. Christine is both a Climate Reality Project and Green Faith Youth Fellow. Last year, she co-authored a children’s book on climate change and health called ‘The Sprouts and the Mystery of the Flood’.

Keron is an agri-journalist and creator at Tech4Agri, a Caribbean-born agri-journalism initiative. He is passionate about supporting young journalists and agripreneurs through the power of mobile media, journalism, and communications.

Tamoy is a budding attorney at law, who just completed her undergraduate law degree and will be transitioning to the Norman Manley law school to prepare for my bar examinations. She’s a radio and event host who brings nothing but high energy, wit, and a real penchant for breaking down complex conversations in a super simplified way.

Kemol describes himself as well of grit and passion when it comes to writing. Kemol is an ardent promoter of energy and business journalism in Guyana. He has 4 years of impactful experience in journalism and mass communications with government and private media, across print, radio, internet and television platforms. His strong network and creative writing edge have contributed to greater public understanding of the petroleum sector since before Guyana achieved first oil.

Tricia is a multimedia journalist with a love for sharing stories, advocating for those in vulnerable positions, and being a voice to the voiceless. Although she loves writing, her real passion is in radio and television broadcasting. As a journalist and as a decent human being, she sees it as her job to protect the environment and educate others about the consequences our actions have on the environment.

Rachael is a creative writer, journalist, poet, digital media practitioner and chocolate cake enthusiast. This year she’ll be celebrating ten years as a media worker. She loves interviewing people and telling compelling in-depth stories.

Giselle is currently an journalism and media trainee. On the heels of earning her BA Journalism, she is eager to see how far she can go. In her spare time she binges Netflix and falls down internet rabbit holes.

Lakhram is a Guyanese journalist with just over five years of experience under his belt. With experience in broadcast, print and online journalism, Lakhram has a keen interest in reporting on climate issues, the environment, energy, indigenous people’s affairs, human rights, health and infrastructure. He is the recipient of awards from the Guyana Press Association and Pan-American Health Organisation for his reporting.
As a full-time journalist at Stabroek News – Guyana’s most respected publication – Lakhram continues to build and grow his knowledge in the various fields in an effort to provide readers with accurate and analytical news pieces.

Zico is a media and communications professional with broad experiences across traditional media production and an interest in reporting on environmental issues affecting the Caribbean region. He’s also a COP26 Climate Tracker alum!

Vasu is a budding journalist, writing stories and conducting communication consultancies both locally and internationally. She likes video games, astronomy, and football. She says she’s recently been struck by an obsession with hydrogen (maybe because that’s what stars and humans are made of and now we can use it as an energy carrier).

Christianne is an environmental advocate, project officer, a tree-planting ambassador for Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance, a member of UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, a 2022 Fellow of both Island Innovation and Student Energy, a volunteer in several local NGOs, and a budding writer on environmental matters. Christianne is aiming for a career in environmental governance and sustainable development with a focus on climate justice.

Samuel is a Guyanese journalist, news anchor, and editor, who has worked in broadcast, print, and online journalism for over a decade. During this time, he has covered several important beats including politics, economics/finance, parliamentary affairs, and energy, among others. Samuel also had stints working in two other Caribbean countries, namely St. Lucia and the British Virgin Islands. He is a Thomson Reuters Foundation alum, and currently a student in creative writing at IGNOU.

Dionne is an Environmental Communications Consultant and volunteer at heart with a passion for youth development work. If she’s not doing something environment-related, she’s either helping a small business develop a comms strategy or diving into Sportsmax & ESPN.

Nareema is a 22 year old journalist, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture. She has been a journalist for almost 5 years and she’s also a news anchor and acting Editor-in-Chief at the news agency that she works with. She’s an aspiring agronomist that enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines, and photography. Nareema loves insects, and you could find her taking pictures of them or other invertebrates that she finds.

Alexander is a journalist with a background in geography and history. He has an interest in energy and what the future of energy will be like in the Caribbean.

Joshua is a passionate ecologist that focuses on policy creation to limit harmful effects of climate change and industrial activities on the environment. He’s a member of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network and also hold certificates in multiple disciplines such as Crisis and Risk Management, Coral Reef Resilience, Climate Change and Health, Foundations of Food Security and Financial Planning for Young Adults. He was recently awarded certificates from the United Nations in the fields of Green Industrial policy and Human Health and Climate Change.

Nirvana is an aspiring environmentalist. She’s passionate about taking technical or difficult environmental issues and breaking them down into topics that the general public can read and understand.

Fiona is a 25 year old bilingual (English and Spanish) communicator who loves to read and write. She also loves classical films, outdoor adventures (nature walks and hikes), Asian cuisine, and animals. She’s passionate about volunteerism.

Clydeen McDonald is a Trinidad and Tobago-born independent multimedia journalist, who covers the Caribbean. He has worked as a researcher for numerous international and regional publications, including The Guardian, Wall Street Journal and Caribbean News Media Group.

Rayann GIlbert is a 22 year old aspiring Environmental Engineer with interests in Environmental Journalism. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology at the UWI St. Augustine campus. She enjoys a wide variety of activities such as spoken word poetry, singing and fiction writing.

We’re absolutely thrilled to kick this programme off and we hope you stay tuned for the stories coming out of this cohort!

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Dizzanne Billy
Dizzanne is the Caribbean Regional Director at Climate Tracker, a freelance writer, and an all-around storyteller. With a special place in her heart for the beach, cats, and Coldplay, she's experienced in journalism, communications, marketing, and finding the perfect song to suit any situation.