About Us

Who we are

Since 2015 we have delivered cutting edge training, innovative media campaigns, and brought incredibly talented teams of young reporters to the UN climate negotiations.

We have delivered in-person trainings in more than 30 countries, hundreds of online webinars, and awarded travel scholarships to more than 350 young journalists.

Climate Tracker has inspired, trained and mentored over 8000 Climate Journalists around the world.

We have run participatory media research in over 20 different countries, and are developing a unique data-analytics tool to give journalists the best possible chance to “cut through” national debates.

These young journalists have published more than 6000 articles in their national media, covering more than 114 countries and 24 languages.

We have supported young journalists from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Costa Rica to Fiji. More than 90% of our opportunities have gone to young people from developing countries who can make big impacts in their national media. If you are a first time writer or a seasoned journalist, this is your chance to win a career-changing opportunity.

More than 60% of our awarded trackers have been women. Our global team is over 75% women.

If you are interested in partnering with us and inspiring young voices around the world develop innovative skills in data journalism, or connecting your brand to a global network of great writers, please let me know.

Chris Wright
Director, Climate Tracker

What we do

Global Campaigns

Climate Tracker specialises in connecting with great young journalists all over the world. In 2017, we ran 18 different media campaigns, that varied from global to national level topics.

These amazing writers published over 2000 articles in national media across more than 100 countries.

All journalists involved are given full journalistic freedom, and as we encourage them to publish in national publications; their editors also play a role in quality control.

Our role is to highlight innovative narratives, train journalists to utilise new storytelling techniques, and offer great incentives for those who make an impact in national media.

Innovative Workshops

We also run amazing workshops. Not Ok trainings. Amazing workshops.

In the last 3 years, we have delivered workshops across 35 different countries, in 8 different languages.

We have worked with NGOs seeking to improve their comms game, young writers looking to break-out into the spotlight, and seasoned journalists wanting to understand data journalism and Climate Change.

If you need a great workshop on Energy journalism, Climate Change, or Communicating biodiversity loss, lets make it happen.

Data Analytics and Media Research

We are also investing heavily in our Research and Data Analytics Departments (ok we don’t have departments).

But we are building an awesome Data Analytics tool to be able to track global Climate Change narratives, and hopefully be able to influence them.

We also conduct some pretty groundbreaking Media Research projects on Climate Change reporting in different Media environments.

Conference Coverage Opportunities

We  send amazing journalism teams to the world’s biggest Conferences.

In the past, we specialised on the UN Climate Negotiations, where our teams are known as the “Negotiator Trackers”. Our reporters track their national negotiators and do some of the most innovative and important reporting from the UN Talks.

Did you know we once had a Malagasy reporter who put Climate Change on the front page in Madagascar for 2 weeks straight?

Since then, we have sent conference reporting teams to global meetings on Adaptaion, Biodiversity, Energy Security, Migration, De-growth and even Climate Finance.

Mentorships and Fellowships

Our mentorships often combine in-person and online engagement, where we connect local and international mentors with young, up-and-coming journalists.

Here is Sohara, an award-winnning Bangladeshi Climate Tracker mentoring some young future journalists in a Madrassa school in southern Bangladesh.

With media rooms shrinking, we see it as critical that we offer valubale mentorships to young people around the world. Does your organisation want to support fellowships for great young Reporters or Communicators?

Our Team

Chris Wright

Managing Director

Amaeteur Ultra Runner, Perpetually “learning Python”, Professional Coffee Drinker. Australian working from Borneo. Also speaks Malay and Spanish.

Santiago Saez

Journalism Director

Former founder of the first professional climate news site in Spain. Got a passion for finding excellent young journalists, promoting their work and helping them develop their careers. Also passionate about hair cuts. Working from Spain

Lina Yassin

Middle East and North Africa Program Manager

In 2016 became the youngest Sudanese climate journalist to publish in a national newspaper. Working from Sudan, at least when they don’t have blackouts.

Agnes Saycon

Finance Manager

Has now managed funds across more than 65 countries and grants from every continent. Queen of Climate Tracker’s Karaoke competitions. Working from the Philippines. Also speaks Tagalog and Visayan.

Morelia Curiel

Outreach Officer and Graphic Design Genius

A trained electrical engineer who’s always learning. Always optimistic about the future. Incredibly, working out of Venezuela. Also speaks Spanish

Francisco Parra

Latam Journalism Develpment Manager

After covering 3 COP’s he’s now passionate about sharing his experience with journalists from across Latin America. Passionate drinker of Fernet and Terramotos. Working from Chile. Also speaks Spanish

Henri Court Evans

African Journalism Mentor

A Senior Lecture of climate journalism based in Eswatini. Originally from Zimbabwe, he also speaks Swati, Shona, Ndabele, Zulu and Xhosa.

Kharishar Kahfi

Indonesian Journalism Manager

Working as a Mentor whilst an Editor in a prominent national publication in Jakarta. Working from Indonesia. Also speaks Indonesian and Javanese

Mai Hoang

Asian Programs Manager

Became the youngest climate journalist ever to go to a UN Climate Negotiations in 2018. Has published in all top 5 of Vietnam’s national newspapers. Working out of Vietnam. Also speaks Vietnamese.

Dizzanne Billy

Outreach Manager

Was one of Climate Tracker’s fellows at the Paris Climate Talks, back in 2015. Passionate gardener and veggie smoothie maker. Working from Trinidad (and sometimes Tobago). Also speaks Spanish and Trinidadian Creole

For whom


Climate Tracker supports writers all around the world, regardless of geography, language or experience. We love connecting with passionate reporters, and have all the resources you need to get started.


For experienced journalists, we are always excited to collaborate one new initiatives, and offer Career-Changing Opportunities through our Climate Tracker App



Climate Tracker funds its work through gret Partnerships.

Our partners are incredibly supportive of our vision, and we hope we can connect with many more who want to challenge national Climate debates around the world, and support great young journalism



Climate Tracker has a number of publishing partners around the world. We love connecting great young journalists to powerful publications.

If you want to find out if we have great journalists near you, just ask.