Climate Tracker (CT) is an international non-profit organization, aiming to support, train and incentivise better climate journalism globally. We believe in the power of journalism, but recognise that many young journalists don’t have the training, resources or support to identify and tell the climate stories they want to. We also recognise that this challenge is often greatest in the countries hardest hit by climate change. That’s why we:

Provide training and fellowships for young journalists around the world to tell better climate stories locally.

Conduct action-oriented media research to better understand the biggest challenges, trends, and obstacles to powerful climate reporting around the world.

Fund young journalists to report on the world’s most pressing issues and cover the world’s biggest moments, UN negotiations and conferences

Support global collaborations between young climate journalists, newsrooms and NGOs around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, train and incentivise young journalists in developing countries to tell better climate stories.

Our Model

Through a partner-funded non-profit model, we have delivered in-person training sessions in more than 30 countries, hundreds of online webinars, and awarded travel scholarships to more than 350 young journalists.
We have run participatory media research in over 20 different countries, and have developed a unique, participatory approach to media analysis and action planning.
Through our thematic media campaigns, we have also supported young journalists to publish more than 7000 climate stories in their national media.

Our Core Values

At Climate Tracker, we want to support better climate journalism around the world.
To achieve that, our core values include:

Focus on journalists in under resourced geographies

Climate change is a global issue, and many journalists and newsrooms report on it incredibly well. However, there are too many powerful stories being untold, and too many young journalists who don’t receive the support they deserve. Our fellowships and training is most valuable in languages and geographies where this kind of support isn’t easy to find.

Invest in young journalists

We believe that young journalists are critical influencers in the global climate debate. The climate crisis is a global communications challenge that needs to be told with local audiences in mind. Investing in young journalists to tell accurate, informative, human stories, is one of our most powerful tools in developing in shaping the global climate debate. It is also an investment that can help shape national climate conversations for years to come.

Support better climate stories

Our work is always focussed on supporting better stories for local audiences. To do that, we need to be able to better understand national media trends and support powerful local journalists to tell stories that resonate. Supporting better climate stories, also means supporting a broader range of storytellers.


Climate Tracker was founded in 2015, and has delivered cutting edge training, innovative media campaigns, and supported incredibly talented teams of young reporters around the world ever since.

The organisation was founded in the lead-up to the Paris Climate talks, but the idea was born years before. In 2009, a global coalition of climate-focused NGOs called the GCCA, believed that innovative young climate bloggers might be able to influence their national negotiators at the UN climate talks. This idea was known as Adopt a Negotiator.

The Adopt a Negotiator became an infamous element of the annual UN climate talks, pushing the boundaries of climate reporting at the time. Its reporters influenced front-page stories around the world, and supported dozens of powerful young reporters between 2009 and 2015.

After co-managing the Adopt a Negotiator project for 2 years alongside Joshua Wiese, Chris Wright wanted to build on this success, and create a global platform to support young climate journalists around the world. That is how Climate Tracker was born.

Since then, Climate Tracker has engaged more than 15,000 young journalists with fellowships, opportunities, and training around the world. Our network of journalists have published articles across more than 114 countries and in 24 different languages.


Lina Yassin

Middle East and North Africa Programmes Manager

In 2016 became the youngest Sudanese climate journalist to publish in a national newspaper. Working from Sudan, at least when they don’t have blackouts

Agnes Saycon

Finance Manager

Has now managed funds across more than 65 countries and grants from every continent. Queen of Climate Tracker’s Karaoke competitions. Working from the Philippines. Also speaks Tagalog and Visayan.

Sebastian Rodriguez


Former editor of the first climate news site in Central America. Based in San José, Costa Rica. Failed chess player. Also speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

Francisco Parra

Latin America Programmes Manager

After covering 3 COP’s he’s now passionate about sharing his experience with journalists from across Latin America. Passionate drinker of Fernet and Terramotos. Working from Chile. Also speaks Spanish.

Biena Magbitang

Asia Manager

Became the youngest news manager in a media giant in Manila. Has produced documentaries on Climate Change, Sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction recognized by international award-giving bodies. Working from the Philippines. Also speaks Filipino.

Morelia Curiel

Outreach Officer and Graphic Design Genius

A trained electrical engineer who’s always learning. Always optimistic about the future. Incredibly, working out of Venezuela. Also speaks Spanish

Talia Lostaunau

Programmes Officer (Latin America and the Caribbean)

Forest Engineer with a big passion for journalism and fundraising. Obsessed with Peru’s National Parks. Peruvian working from Lima city. Also speaks Spanish.

Dizzanne Billy

Outreach Manager

Was one of Climate Tracker’s fellows at the Paris Climate Talks, back in 2015. Passionate gardener and veggie smoothie maker. Working from Trinidad (and sometimes Tobago). Also speaks Trinidadian Creole, a little Spanish, and some Italian.

Dizzanne Billy

Managing Director

Amaeteur Ultra Runner, Perpetually “learning Python”, Professional Coffee Drinker. Australian working from Borneo. Also speaks Malay and Spanish.