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By: Mostafa Darwish and Arthur Wyns

Climate Action is necessary on all levels, from changing personal behaviour to promoting sustainable businesses & entrepreneurship. Climate-KIC – or the Knowledge and Innovation Community – does just that: as Europe’s largest public-private innovation network, it empowers youth to create new business ideas to challenge and change the way we all consume, use transport, and live.

Every summer, Climate KIC organises a summer school or Journey in which it guides young climate enthusiasts, often with very different backgrounds and interests, on a 5-week voyage past different innovation capitals in Europe to discover emerging sustainable practices. Through intensive coaching from innovation and business experts, participants take their first steps in developing their own sustainable business idea. Besides being a fun experience, the Journey offers a stepping stone for young graduates who want to set up their own climate-friendly business.

Arthur Wyns

About Arthur Wyns

Arthur Wyns is a tropical biologist and science journalist who writes about climate change, environment and migration. He manages Programs and Partnerships for Climate Tracker since 2017.