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Climate Warriors negotiate and are powerful. The young Pacific Climate Warrior officially launched the Declaration on Climate Induced Displacement, a global campaign to include provisions on climate induced displacement in forthcoming UN Global Compact on migration at International Civil Society Week in Fiji, last 4-7 December 2017.

May Boeve, Executive Director of 350.org said there are 10 billion people living in the Pacific Ocean, and no more than a half the population in the world might disappear. “We don’t talk about population but every island is important,” she said at the Climate Justice in the 21st Century session of the conference.

She explained that civil society in all levels should do a collaboration because the movement needs more energy. “Young children are your future, we need solutions. If we don’t want the world to change, we are in trouble. We are just in the pacific and we need big people to take a part in this, including at the high institution level,” she said.

How to make them care?

Dame Meg Taylor, Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, explained the demanded of clean water and good health for all people running in the world. “Strengthen community radio movement, embrace peace, support women’s movement, connect all citizens together. Build a community in each level,” she said.

She also said that all people in the world, particularly in the Pacific, should start to prepare themselves. “We have schools, we have communities. If we give up, they will give up too,”she added.

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark said life is too short for pessimism. In addition, building youth engagement within formal structures should be given importance because that’s where decisions are made. “Believe in yourself, take every opportunity and don’t wait for the red carpet to be rolled out. Keep on fighting, don’t walk away!,” she ended her speech.

Dwi Jayanthi

About Dwi Jayanthi

Dwi is a Balinese woman passionate on youth community, environment and journalism. She graduated with a degree in chemistry.