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The twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) and the twelfth session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 12) has started in Marrakech, Morocco on Nov 7, 2016. This will take place until 18th of November 2016.

Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Foreign Affairs at government of Morocco and COP22 President Opened the UN conference COP22 urging all the parties to ratify the Paris Agreement. During his speech, he welcomed Delegates, journalists and participants to Marrakech and to COP22. Both the COP22 President and UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa shared great success of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement and announced that 100 parties have already joined, demonstrating real climate action.

COP22 is supposed to be crucial as first meeting of parties after “Paris Agreement” as it will determine the direction of Paris agreement made last year.

With the opening of the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP), large number of youth representing different organizations around the world has gathered at Marakesh, Morocco. Youth are not only the shining rays of future but also the partner to make the things happen in present.

UNFCCC has mentioned first day (7th Nov) as youth day under its thematic days, young people are talking and raising their voice to address their voice through this type of negotiations. Here we collected some of the thoughts of young minds from Nepal about why this negotiation is important for them.

“Engagement of young minds in this type of negotiation is crucial to help disseminate the climate knowledge as well as help implement the decisions.” said Basanta Paudyal, one of the youth representing the Nepali delegation.


Deepak Adhikari, another youth from Nepal said, “ Not only I am excited about the immense presence of Youth in Marrakech, I am looking forward for the voices of the youth be heard and included in the decision process.”


“The energy youth have should be mobilized to bridge the gap between negotiations and public,” said Bindu Bhandari.


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