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Write for a future below 1.5°!

Join Climate Tracker’s competition and win a fully funded spot to the May UNFCCC negotiations in Germany!

Join our “Stay below 1.5!” writing competition competition and win a fully funded fellowship to the May climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany!

We are looking for young writers from around the world who want to make a big impact in their countries by writing about the necessity to stay below 1.5 degrees of warming and the ways in which we can reach that target: 100% renewable energy, natural climate solutions and zero fossil fuels and their vested influence. Here an info toolkit to know more about the topic.

In 2018, the most prominent scientific body on climate change issues, the IPCC, will release the Special Report on 1.5° (SR1.5). It is also the year of the Talanoa Dialogue, during which countries have to increase their ambition on fighting climate change.

We need to remind the governments and decision makers that we can and must stay below 1.5 degrees of warming. We need a transition to 100% renewable energy and foster natural climate solutions, like reforestation and forest protection. The interests of the fossil fuel and biofuels industries are trying to delay action, but we must act now!

Join us and write for a future below 1.5°!

The best submission can win you an invitation to the UN climate negotiations in May 2018, which will be held in Bonn, Germany. There you will receive training on climate and journalism by Climate Tracker, get to attend the international climate negotiations and meet amazing people from everywhere in the world! You cannot miss this chance!


Do you want to make a difference? Here is what you have to do:

Between the 1st and the 23rd of March you have to write an article about why we must stay below 1.5 degrees of warming and how we can achieve that.

By that time, you have to publish an article in media in your country or region. It can be a newspaper, a magazine, an online news site, etc. Once your article is published, make sure to submit the link to us through our app before the 23rd. You have here an information toolkit to learn more about the topic.

Climate Tracker will revise the articles submitted through the app, give you feedback and tips, and select the best writers. The 2 best writers will get a fully funded fellowship to Bonn, Germany for the UNFCCC meeting.

To help you write about these issues, Climate Tracker has prepared an information toolkit,  a webinar with experts and give you help and feedback on how to pitch to editors, get an article published or learn more about climate in your region. To be up to date with the details of the program, check the app regularly.

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The best of luck! Hope to see you in Germany!

The Climate Tracker Team

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