In 2016 Climate Tracker took a great chance. We decided we wanted to grow bigger and cover climate issues all year round. We wanted to empower young communicators the whole time, and reach bigger audiences than before.

And we succeeded and went beyond our expectations doing that!

This year we launched this new website: which allows us to better portray the work we are doing, make it easier to find opportunities, and represent the amazing work that Trackers around the world are doing.

We also launched our app: that gives us a better interaction with the Trackers, being able to provide feedback on the articles, and a clear way to sign in for the opportunities that Climate Tracker is launching.

But, most importantly, you all did an amazing job publishing around the world about climate change issues by engaging in our campaigns and workshops.

We started the year by giving different fellowships on INDCs, renewable energy and fossil fuels. We rapidly moved to one of the biggest campaigns we have done this year: the Breakfree campaign, where we wrote about the actions to break free from fossil fuels happening around the world. You published a total of 360 articles in 42 countries in 13 different languages. And, from the best writers, we chose Ana (Brazil) and Seble (Canada/Ethiopia) to join us in COP22!

After that we went to the Bonn UNFCCC’s intersessional, where Giselle (France) and Andeas (Germany) joined us to the first meeting after the Paris Agreement! We wrote and published a lot about conflict of interest and gender issues.

We also were invited to the Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum in Tangier, Morocco, where we presented a small workshop on how to be a climate journalist with Andreas, Mohammed (Morocco) and Seble. It was very successful so we repeated it twice! And it gave us the chance to meet with young activists from all the region.

Our next big campaign has been the South Asia adaptation campaign. It has made us meet amazing young people from all across the region and read inspiring stories on how climate change is affecting them. You published 66 articles, that helped us choose the 15 candidates that would join us in a workshop in Sri Lanka.

The workshop run for 3 days in Colombo, where participants learned about reporting climate change and using different tools for communicating. Afterwards, they attended the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Conference and covered its events for media across the region. From this conference, we chose Binod (Nepal) to join us in COP22!

Andreas, Chloe (Belgium) and Islam (Egypt) went to Tunisia, where they held a workshop on climate change and climate journalism. Participants had to submit several articles and publish them in media in their country, and Hamdi (Tunisia) was chosen among them to join our COP22 team.

Climate Tracker was also invited to the Climate Chance conference in Nantes, France. Bex (UK), Léo (France), Islam and Andreas covered the main events of the conference, highlighting the role of cities and other actors to fight climate change as official media partners.

Together with Oxfam, we started a campaign to send two fellows on a Speakers Tour around Germany, where they would explain how their country is impacted by climate change. AG (Philippines) and Chinma (Nigeria) were finally chosen between more than 900 candidates, and they will be going to Germany in March 2017.

Our most famous and biggest campaign has been the COP22 campaign. Trackers had to write up to four articles, related to issues of the fossil fuel industry, renewable energy, and 1.5 degrees. We had more than 1300 applicants through our app, and we gave a total of 8 fellowships for writers to improve their skills. After this campaign, Jonathan (Kenya), Rokotamana (Fiji), Lina (Sudan) and Tais (Argentina) were chosen to join the COP22 team in Marrakech, Morocco.

Aside from that, Trackers around the world have been spreading their knowledge  and fostering climate change communication. We had three instameets in Philippines, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago. And we help workshops in more than 10 countries, including Nepal, Mauritius, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Philippines, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

Thanks to you all for making 2016 an awesome year for Climate Tracker, we promise we will work hard to put climate change in the front page in 2017!

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