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UNFCCC: the race to COP21

By February 9, 2015 No Comments

Starting from Geneva, 2015 will be a crazy year for UN climate talks.

On February 13, we’re expecting a first draft of the new climate agreement.

In the meantime, Parties are supposed to submit their INDCs well in advance of COP21 (by the first quarter of 2015 for Parties able to do so).

March 31st is quickly approaching, and reasonably we should expect to find some presents under the UNFCCC tree very soon.

After editing and translating the text by May, negotiations will move to Bonn for ADP, SBI & SBSTA sessions.

Then there will be two more intermediate sessions, one at late-August/beginning-September, one at mid-October; locations to be defined.

On November 1st, the Secretariat will release a synthesis report on the aggregate effect of all INDCs submitted before October 1st. This will tell us whether we’re on track for 2°C or not. Most likely, we won’t be.

Finally, 40.000 people will gather in Paris to start the COP21 madness.

I would say it’s going to be a fun-filled roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and probably a few moments that make you feel a little queasy.

But considering how warm-heartedly negotiators have embraced each other here in Geneva, who knows, maybe we might just make it to the end of the ride with a smile.

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