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It seems that for United Nations the COP22 has already ended.


Even as i wait outside the plennary waiting for parties to reach consensus, preparing for a long night ahead, apparently… the climate change conference has already ended.

UN website 2

UN website 3

For those who doesn’t understand Spanish, here is what it says:

“The 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 22) concluded this Friday in Morocco with the signing of the “Marrakech Proclamation”, a declaration of intent that reflects the global commitment to curb global warming”.


But UN was not the only one. It seems the same for many organizations from civil society…


We know, for example, that both Brazil and China are currently in an intense debate about the next steps forward. We also know that Saudi Arabia has a number of concerns regarding whether or not they will be compensated in a fossil free world. We also know that while developing countries has welcomed the Adaptation Fund, receiving 81 million dollars, that many are still requesting further clarity and urgency on long-term finance.

What about if this ends really really bad? What about if Trump does a press conference in US announcing they are not going to be part of the convention? Are they conclusions gonna to be the same? Take a drink, have some good chat with friends at the venue, and wait, please, wait for the real end.

It seems that someone pressed the button before the negotiations really end. The reality is another: we are still working, we are still waiting for COP22 to end!!


Cover picture by Collin Rees.

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