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TTIP and Climate Change

The USA and the European Union have negotiated the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) since 2013. TTIP would dwarf all other trade agreements and put in place new rules for consumer, environmental and climate protection affecting  over 800 million people. It would also set up a new parallel judicial system that enables corporations to bypass national courts.

So far the public had to rely on the word of negotiators that what they secretly work on is in the best interest of the public and the environment. This changed when Greenpeace leaked the draft text of the TTIP.

Climate Tracker found that past trade agreements resulted in a huge number of cases of big fossil companies suing governments for environmental and climate protection measures. We analyzed the TTIP draft-text and found that it is a huge potential threat for climate protection.

See infographic below. You can also download the PDF file here.


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