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Alert: Vulnerable countries show the way as world leaders pledge climate ambition

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

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All eyes were on world leaders as the UN climate conference officially kicked into gear today in Paris. Faced with record numbers of people taking to the streets around the world to show their support for a renewable energy future, nearly 150 heads of state presented their own nation’s ambitions for the coming weeks. But it was the world’s most vulnerable nations that stood out today, as they signed a declaration pushing towards a 100 per cent renewable world by 2050, a complete decarbonisation of the global economy, and a limit to global temperature rise of 1.5DegC. Markings of strong global momentum were also noted from leaders forging international alliances, such as India’s prime minister Modi with the international Solar Alliance program. Businesses also stepped in, most notably with the multi-billion dollar clean energy research initiative launched by Bill Gates, offering yet further proof that the renewable energy transition is underway and gathering momentum. As Heads of State leave Paris, their final task is to take their inspiring words from the opening day and empower the negotiators they leave in their stead to produce an agreement which can accelerate the transition towards a fully renewable-powered future, while reducing poverty and protecting vulnerable people from the impacts of climate change.

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