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When I first started studying Climate Change, then started looking for my first job, most people told me I was wasting my time. No one wants to work on this, it’s not real, there’s no scope for this kind of work etc. This wasn’t that long ago either- I was a student less than 6 years ago! In these 6 years however, I have seen the climate movement grow dramatically. Its no longer the ‘new’ trend in development- but one of the most pressing issues of modern times.

And the number of climate activists, journalists, scientists, researchers has also increased. Climate Tracker is witness to that! But we still sometimes get to hear some really funny stuff when we tell people we work in climate change. Here are some of the best ones!

Oh so you’re a weathergirl!

This one actually happens a lot. Weather girls/guys report the weather today. We kind of try and understand why weather patterns have changed, and what we can do about it. Sliiiiiight difference. Here’s a really good article by NASA on the difference between weather and climate.

So you must be a hippie right?

Not all environmentalists are hippies, and not all hippies are environmentalists! Its super important for everyone to play their part, however small. Even though hippies are super cool and we kind of wish we were hippies.

Are you a vegetarian?

A lot of the world’s emissions come from animal agriculture- which is why we admire people who decide to be vegetarian. Not all of us are though! And a lot of research these days suggests that rising population numbers and unsustainable food patterns may be to blame.

Will it rain tomorrow?

Please refer to point 1 about us not being weathergirls. Thanks.

Why are you travelling by aeroplane then?

The aviation industry produces around 2% of global emissions. We don’t really like it either. Trust us. But until internet accessibility worldwide becomes perfect and we can meet people face to face online, we are going to have to keep riding those planes! And also until environmentally friendly ways to fly are perfected!


Um yes. Also, get with the program. Climate naysaying is soooo yesterday.

What are the funniest things anyone has said to you when you told them you worked in climate change?

Anam Zeb

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