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The Climate Tracker fellowship experience

By June 22, 2016 No Comments

I have always been passionate about writing pieces that provide a different perspective and open the minds of readers into taking action regarding the biggest dilemmas our world faces. After seeing and experiencing the devastation brought about by climate change, arguably the biggest threat to our society, I have dedicated my life to ensuring the health of our world. Through this Climate Tracker fellowship, I was given a chance to combine my two passions and make my contribution in efforts to break free from fossil fuels.

My experience for the past six weeks made me realize the power that each and every one of us has in the fight against climate change. In a time when our world is struggling to push for solutions and commitments to reducing carbon emissions, we all have roles to play in this campaign. The concept of letting our voices be heard seems so simple, yet its power can have far-reaching impacts that will trigger changes in our society. As such, I wrote my articles with this concept in mind, hoping to inspire others to act as well.

More importantly, this experience allowed me an opportunity to improve as a writer and grow as a climate advocate. My own perspective about fossil fuels and renewable energy became wider and deeper as much as what I aim to do for the readers of my articles. I learned more about the significance of international events such as the Paris agreement and the Bonn negotiations in the fight against fossil fuels. Through interviews and conversations with climate advocates involved in the campaigns in my country, I also managed to get more involved in these actions and make new connections from around the world.

I encountered challenges through every part of the process of writing an article, especially when it came to interviewing passionate people from different fields and communicating with editors for article submissions. Through interacting with these people and the information and resources they provided me, I believe I improved my writing skills, especially when it comes to contextualizing the topic at hand on a regional or international scale and getting the perspectives of other people for a more holistic experience in writing.

I will use the lessons I learned from this fellowship to not only be a better writer, but also become more active in instigating change against climate change, including the fight against fossil fuels.

John Leo Algo

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