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The 2nd writing challenge is here!

We started May with amazing actions happening all over the world to keep fossil fuels in the ground… but also starting our second publishing window for our Breakfree campaign!


How does that work again?


From the 4th to the 15th of May you have to publish in national or international media 2 or more articles on 2 possible topics:


2nd window

  1. Energy Transition – you can find background information to help inspire you HERE
  2. Corporations and democracy  – you can find background information to help inspire you HERE


For this round of publications, we also want you to ensure that your articles are directly linked to Break Free actions happening all around the globe. Starting next week, there will be a series of mobilizations in different countries to protest against fossil fuels.


You can write about the fight against the fossil fuel industry and the role of civil society in this fight. You can make Break Free actions as an example of civil society rising for change.


You can also write about the Break Free actions happening in other countries and ask why isn’t happening in your country. Should youth and civil society in your country do the same actions?


How do I get a chance to get to COP22 in Marrakech?


To join our amazing team in COP22 you have to publish 3 articles during the whole campaign, meaning between the  1st and the 2nd publishing window.


Remember that the more readership or shares your article has, the more chances you will have to join us. Aim for influential media at regional, national and even international level!


IMPORTANT! When you do publish your article – add it HERE. This is our way of tracking all your articles. We will let you know when we have read through them and send you some FEEDBACK on what we think!

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