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Myself and three other lucky Climate Tracker Fellows have just arrived in Nantes, France to report on an exciting new conference: Climate Chance. I take a ‘pomodoro’ out of the frantic day, to fill you all in on what exactly is happening.


What is Climate Chance?

Climate Chance is the most important international conference for non-state actors on the way to COP22 in Marrakesh. It is bringing together groups of people from all over the world to discuss how concrete action will occur as a result of last year’s Paris agreement. City councils, local authorities, businesses, citizens and NGOs are all in attendance. They discuss everything from the big picture stuff of how the Paris COP agreement should be governed and financed, right down to the nitty gritty of what the catering sector can do to tackle climate change in the food industry.


Climate Chance is the most important summit for non-state actors

Why is it important?

National governments are not the only bodies able to act on climate change. Any organisation or individual has the ability to innovate, support and push forwards the agenda for a more sustainable world. In fact the Paris Agreement will be implemented on the ground and not in the conference halls of the UN. This conference provides two main opportunities:

  1. It sparks ideas.
    By bringing together individual groups from across the globe, it enables ideas and conversations to spark across borders, sectors and topics. Gathering innovative minds together in the same space, alongside councillors and politicians, will allow niche and fringe ideas to gain traction and become mainstreamed more quickly.
  2. It creates media interest.
    Alone, these topics and discussions are of no interest to the mainstream media. By creating an international event about all of these subjects, there is heightened media interest about the discussions themselves: therefore bringing more public attention to the topic of climate change. That’s also why we are here 😉


Why is Climate Tracker here?

The Climate Chance conference presents a unique opportunity to gather stories of amazing people and initiatives which are already taking place across the world. It is a chance to push climate change to the front page, by publicly promoting the bold and concrete actions that city councils and businesses are making throughout the week.


Trackers are currently at the Climate Chance summit

How can I get involved?

  1. Head to the Climate Chance website to watch the livestream of the main sessions and plenaries.
  2. Follow @climatetracking to stay up to date with our latest articles about the conference.
Bex Dawkes

About Bex Dawkes

Bex is a recent graduate of a masters degree in sustainable development. She is a keen advocate of linking science & climate change with people & politics, and loves spending time in the great outdoors.