Join Climate Tracker at the Sustainable Energy For All Forum in Rwanda

In light of COVID-19, the Sustainable Energy for All Forum has been postponed to 16-18 February 2021. We are in the process of updating our Sustainable Energy Fellowship opportunity and will keep you updated with our new plans this week, which will still include amazing training and investigative grants.
We’re still accepting your submissions; deadline March 18th.



Together with Hivos, Climate Tracker will be training and sending 6 amazing African journalists to cover the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Rwanda, this May (26th-28th).

We are looking for young journalists from across Africa who want to write incredible stories about the energy challenges in their home country and make a big impact in their countries by publishing about energy.

The Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SEforALL) will bring together the world’s most renowned energy experts and decision makers in what is sure to be the premier global meeting on the unique energy challenges facing the continent.

For journalists, this will be a career-defining opportunity to meet and learn from some of the key industry movers and shakers. This will be a vibrant meeting place to showcase action towards sustainable energy, with entrepreneurs, community leaders, city leaders, policy makers, financiers and investors in the energy space. .

Through a unique partnership with Hivos, we are now looking for 6 amazing African journalists to join our team at the SEforALL attend the Forum and help shape one of the most important debates of our time.

The 6 six fellows will receive a fully funded fellowship to travel to Kigali for the event, undergo exclusive training from leading energy experts and journalists, and an investigative story grant to cover energy issues back in their home country – all mentored by the Climate Tracker Team


As a fellow, you will also receive training on climate and journalism organized by Climate Tracker, participate in group interviews with high-level officials/experts and network with amazing people from all over the world! 

After the Forum, the 6 fellows will be part of an 8-week-long investigative reporting scholarship guided by Climate Tracker, to have a chance to refine their journalism skills and report on the pressing energy issues of their country.

No need to worry about any expenses, all will be organized and covered by us.


You will need to:

Write and publish a story focusing on any of the following themes:

  • Energy access
  • Clean energy cooking
  • Right to energy transition 
  • Ensuring everyone benefits from sustainable energy access
  • Sustainable energy and climate change


  • March 18th: Submit your article link to the Climate Tracker App by midnight (GMT+3) on March 18th 2020
  • March 30th: Shortlisted applicants will then be sent a new link to submit their investigative story pitches by March 30th
  • April 10th- Our campaign final selections announced

What do we mean by publish? 

You will need to write and publish your piece in the media outlet of your choice. It can be local, national, regional or international. Unfortunately, we can’t accept self-owned blog entries.

Is this is only for English speakers?

No! You can publish in any language, depending on your publication’s audience. From English, to Chichewa, Arabic to Lingala, we want you to put together a great piece for your audience to understand. 

Does it have to be a written publication? 

No! As long as you can send us a link or some evidence of your work in the media to highlight sustainable energy challenges, we’ll accept it. We love getting radio clips, PDFs of printed journalism, podcast links and TV snippets.

As long as you’re working to raise awareness on a national level, and reaching a broad audience, we’d be happy to review it. 

For example: 

  • If you’re run a Swahili radio show in Tanzania, send us the link to your great interviews on clean energy. 
  • If you a Shona TV presenter in Zimbabwe, we’d love to see your TV clips.  
  • If you’re a Portugese speaking journalist from Maputo, write a great story in Portuguese on sustainable energy and send it in!

For more information, applying tips and questions, you can click here . We are confident you will find everything you are looking for there but if you still have any queries, feel free to email .

Last but not least, we will revise the articles submitted through the platform, give you feedback and tips, and select the best writers based on our rating system. You can find more about it here.

But be sure to register today! As we’re planning on sending training materials, webinar opportunities and information updates each week from now until March!