It has already been established, through research and increasing instances of extreme weather events, that South Asia is amongst the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impacts of climate change.

And as reports emerge that South Asia might face its hottest summer yet, with temperatures already soaring past the 40 degrees Celsius mark by mid March, it is uncertain whether the media has been able to play a significant role in communicating climate change to communities, or to policy makers. Communicating climate change is particularly important in vulnerable South Asia, particularly if communities with much at stake from climate change are to demand action from their governments on the issue.

Climate Tracker has developed succinct analyses of media landscapes for reporting climate change in four countries in South Asia- Bangladesh, Nepal, the Maldives and Pakistan. While providing a summary of the media landscape in each country, these Country Media Pamphlets provide an analysis of media reporting on climate change based on in country conversations with journalists in each country.

Photo: Barbara Weibel, Nepal

Our Pakistan pamphlet highlights the dominance of english as the main language for climate reporting in the country, which impacts the access of non english speaking communities to climate messaging. To download the Pakistan pamphlet, click here.

In the Maldives, we found that climate change is a controversial enough subject to warrant political censorship. At the same time, the media landscape of the Maldives is still in its infancy, and there is potential for growth, despite its lack of freedom. To download the Maldives pamphlet, click here.

In Nepal, some of the main barriers to climate reporting was a lack of contextualised research and data on climate change that was readily available to journalists. To download the Nepal pamphlet, click here.

In Bangladesh, the worlds most vulnerable country, we found that a lack of capacity of journalists to report on climate change, as well as lack of data available, were some of the major barriers to climate reporting. To download the Bangladesh pamphlet, click here.

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