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Our Shortlist for the German Speakers Tour

Oxfam and Climate Tracker bring two powerful voices from the Global South to Germany for a Speakers Tour about climate change. For 14 days they will give presentations, do actions and meet politicians.

A Climate Tracker we believe that any person can be a powerful voice in the battle against climate change with the right support. That’s why we wanted to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible.

994 people signed up. Out of all these people and applications from 46 countries we made a list of the 35 best participants from 18 countries. We had an amazing list of so many inspirational young people, but these are the most powerful voices. As we are super excited by their great work we briefly introduce them to you:



The shortlisted fellows come from these countries. The final 2 fellows will be selected to go to Germany in 2017 to talk about climate impacts in their countries.


Ag, Phillipines

While his brother was negotiating at the UN climate climate conference in Warsaw, Ag experienced the devastating storm Hayan in his homecountry. “I will forever know it as the day when I fully understood the words helpless and hopeless.” But Ag did not stay inactive. Since that he joined the climate fight.


Ordia, Kenya
Ordia from Kenya not only provides various insights on climate change in her country. But she also demands her country to produce less oil.


Sneha, Nepal
Sneha works at an environmental research institute. She impressed us with her in depth knowledge about 1.5 degrees of warming. But check out yourself.


Shivanjani, Fiji
Coming from a small island state, Shivanjani demands rich coutries to do more as his country is already suffering from the consequences of global warming: It’s time to open your mind and open your heart to the people you are unintentionally making suffer because of the consequences of your doings.”


Andrew, Zimbabwe
Published for Reuters, Andrew reports about devastating water shortages as a consequence of climate change in his homecountry. He tells “An El Niño-induced drought which hit Zimbabwe over the last rainy season has left up to 4.5 million people food insecure.“


There are 30 more incredible climate advocates that inspire us. Stay tuned to see who will go to Germany and raise the voice of the people who have been silenced too often.



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