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For the second year in a row at the UN Climate Talks, the US held an event promoting fossil fuels and nuclear energy as a solution to the climate crisis. Weeks ago, Trump rejected the federal climate report that documents the risk and urgency of climate change across all the United States. According to the report, the climate crisis in the US could kill thousands each year and slash the GDP by more than 10 percent by 2100.

Ten minutes into the side event “Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dinamysm” at COP24, youth and frontline community leaders disrupted event chanting “Keep it in the ground“, and “shame on you” to the all male panel.

Four representatives from Indigenous youth and Global South communities took the microphone and shared stories about the growig movement in the United States to stop fossil fuel and uranium extraction and advance a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

“Our communities, whose every survival is most directly impacted by climate change, have become a living red line. Our air and water are being poisoned by fossil exxtraction, our livelihoods are threatened by floods and drought, our communities are the hardest hit and least protected in extreme weather events – and our demands for survival and for the rights of future generations are pushing local, national, and global leaders towards real solutions to the climate, economic, and social crises.” – José Bravo, Just Transition Alliance, It Takes Roots Delegation.

Photos: Annamária Lehoczky, Climate Tracker.

Andrea Garcia Salinas

About Andrea Garcia Salinas

Campaigner for Climate Tracker. Andrea is a Communicator for Development from Perú. Following the UNFCCC negotiations since COP20. She has worked in conservation and climate awareness with youth initiatives in Latin America. Currently studying an M.A. in International Development - Environment & Migration at PSIA Sciences Po in Paris. @dellazule