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Women now play a big role inside the climate negotiations, thanks to efforts by the UNFCCC and women’s organisations to ensure that women are able to participate and engage inside these negotiations. In light of gender day, here are some women who are making a difference at COP 23:

Women should equally participate in climate negotiations as men do. Mothers are more concerned about their families than any other member. – Stephanie Matulin, Australia
The first victims of the disasters are women. We have always been victims and silenced. But now we want to be decision makers.  -Gbouzouo Cecile, Cote d’Ivoire
We should involve women across value chains from high values to the root values. Women get affected the most when disaster happens. -Linda Davis, Nairobi
Youth and women’s voice always have been unheard. They should be part of the decisions, if we want to save this planet. -Christiane Averbeck, Germany
Women are the majority of society population and they should be part of climate negotiations. -Marta Claribel Benavides
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