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Climate Chance final

The Climate Chance Summit starts this Monday in Nantes. And Climate tracker brings three fellows to this awesome conference. Check them out!

On the path to COP22 the Climate Chance Summit brings together all the major non-state actors to create momentum for “concrete, ambitious and real solutions”. It is a global summit bringing together leaders of civil society, major cities, local authorities, trade unions, scientific organizations and many more.

Bex Dawkes, UK: Bex joins us from London. Unfortunately she has to take the train and has not enough time to go by her bike which has the lovely name Lola. Bex has been blogging about sustainable lifestyle and engaged in lots of civil society organizations before she joined Climate Tracker this year. Follow her on Twitter: @bexdawkes

Leopold, France: As our Frenchman Leopold already told me he is enthusiastic about cooking together at our house. So I hope I don’t embarrass myself too much with my cooking skills ability to not burn food. Apart from that I am super happy, Leopold brings not only enthusiasm for cooking, but for publishing as well. I hardly saw a new tracker getting to publish so fast as Leopold.

Islam, Bahrain: Islam maybe from Bahrain but publishes all over the Arab world. He founded an investigative journalist organization and will also go with us to Tunisia in two weeks to train young journalists there. Follow his organization in Twitter: @CFSMENA

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