Climate Change impact on Ligaulevu Village

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Ligaulevu Village in Fiji is impacted by sea level rise and the community is in danger of being eaten by the sea. The community wants to build a seawall for...

Pakistan’s Agenda against Climate Change

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Pakistan still lags behind in its coverage of climate change issues. We are too focused on extremism and governance issues, which take up a lot of our attention, resources and...

Why calamities stare at Chennai

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Recently, the world received a rude shock when US president Donald Trump, pulled out of the Paris climate accord+ . Trump might nurture his belief that climate change is a...
İklim Yürüyüşü’nde “Büyük Kirleticileri Dışarı Tekmeleyin” kampanyasına destek.

İklim eyleminde kuzuyu kurda emanet ettik

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İstanbul’da 18-20 Mayıs tarihlerinde ‘yüzde yüz yenilenebilir enerji’ konulu konferansta, Çanakkale’de iki adet termik santral projesinin sahibi olan Yıldırım Holding’in hem konferans davetlisi hem de sponsorlarından olduğu ortaya çıktı[1]. Yine...
Erosion 1

Togo : La mer sort de son lit et envahit les populations de la côte à Aného

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Aného est une ville historique du Togo (Afrique de l’Ouest) située sur la côte (océan atlantique) à 50 kilomètres à l’Est de Lomé la capitale. Cette ville est menacée de...
Md. Abdullah (age 15) suffering from diarrhoea for a few days, going to district hospital. Waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, skin diseases, are very common in Satkhira. Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The regular and severe natural hazards that Bangladesh already suffers from – tropical cyclones, river erosion, flood, landslides and drought – are all set to increase in intensity and frequency as a result of climate change. Sea level rise will increasingly inundate coastal land in Bangladesh and dramatic coastal and river erosion will destroy lands and homes. These and the many other adverse effects of climate change will severely impact the economy and development of the country.One of the most dramatic impacts will be the forced movement of people throughout Bangladesh as a result of losing their homes, lands, property and livelihoods to the effects of climate change. While it is impossible to predict completely accurate figures of how many people will be displaced by climate change, the best current estimates state that sea level rise alone will displace 18 million Bangladeshis within the next 40 years. The vast majority of these people will be displaced within Bangladesh – not across international borders – presenting the Government with enormous challenges, particularly when it comes to finding places to live and work for those displaced.

In photos: Climate Crisis in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The regular and severe natural hazards that Bangladesh already suffers from – tropical cyclones, river erosion,...

To polluE – to peyE (tu pollues, tu paies)

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Les Mauriciens se souviendront du slogan « To zeT- to taC » : celui qui pollue l’environnement en jetant ses déchets risque une amende. Extrapolons ce slogan vis-à-vis des industries qui polluent. Si...

Ghana faces tidal waves, heavy rains, floods over the weekend

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The impacts of climate change comes in different forms often alternating with time and the seasons. However, the geography of a place can lead to a double, or more burden...

Girl Power in The Face of Climate Change

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Mitigating Climate Change starts with an idea, an inspiration that would lead to opening new doors and, all it takes to make progress in the fight against this apocalyptic change...

Consuma Consciente y Simplifique si Vida, El Planeta se lo Agradecerá

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Según estudios realizados por FAO indican que el 20% de la población mundial se beneficia del 80% de los recursos del planeta. El impacto ambiental generado por la extracción insostenible de...
Greenpeace Activists assemble a four-meter replica of a smole-spewing coal plant at the main entrance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters in Manila on Monday, April 18, 2007. The Banks has been under heavy criticism lately for extensively funding fossil fuel projects in Asia which have massively contributed  to the region's greenhouse gas emissions and abetted dangerous climate change. The protest came two weeks ahead of the Bank's Annual Governor's Meeting in Kyoto, birthplace of the Kyoto Protocol, the only legally-binding global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Greenpeace/Luis Liwanag

Asian Development Bank grilled by NGOs for coal investments

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YOKOHAMA, JAPAN—More than 5,000 people participated in ADB's 50th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors held on May 4-7, 2017. One of the key agenda discussed was ADB’s decarbonization...

The Danger of Allowing Polluters Inside the UN Climate Talks

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The involvement of polluting companies inside the UN Climate Negotiations through organisations such as the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Mining Association, Fuels Europe, and the Business Council...

Cooperation trumps Trump

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By Fabian Knödler-Thoma   After a careful staging and keeping the global public in suspense for weeks, President Trump announced that the US will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement….


What you need to know about Trumps Paris Pull-Out

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Donald Trump just announced that the US withdraws from the Paris Agreement. But what does it mean for the Paris Agreement, and the climate? Here is what you need to…


Solar Energy: Power for rural development

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When Kalani Ndlovu bought a 14 hectares farm, in the distant rural areas of Umguza in Matabeleland North Province, he was determined to invest in solar energy and improve livelihoods...

In photos: Alaska as it melts

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0 A decade ago this glacier extended past where this image was taken. This melting has negative affects all across the planet. Oceans have risen 6.7" in the past hundred...

Climate Change and Its Effect on Man-Animal Conflict

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In addition to making the planet inhospitable for ourselves we are making it impossible for other living things to survive and thrive. Global warming and climate change is making it...

Climate Change drastically affecting Pygmies in Cameroon

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Ngoebakome Solange, an activist in the pigmy’s community near SCAPALM plantation in Kribi, says that climate change has motivated most pygmy’s women to start educating their children. Solange explains that hey...

Climate Change already impacts Africa, will not wait on diplomats

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Continually growing human and industrial activities have caused dramatically increased emissions of greenhouse gases, which in turn cause the global climate to change rapidly and probably irreversibly. Speaking in an...