Temperature increases: Negative impacts in Nepal

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Regardless of insignificant greenhouse gas emission (0.025%) Nepal is vulnerable which is practically felt in context of the increased temperature especially in the Terai belt, erratic rainfall pattern, outburst of...


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Government should take steps to bring down the country’s reliance on fossil fuels below the current 85% population reliance to be a good global citizen on climate change. Uganda, which...

En transporte eléctrico, Costa Rica puede asumir en Latinoamérica el rol que Noruega tomó en Europa

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Noruega y Costa Rica comparten dos rasgos importantes: una matriz eléctrica casi 100% renovable y las condiciones adecuadas para ser líderes en transporte sostenible en sus respectivas regiones. Desde hace...

U.S. turns up empty-handed at UN climate talks

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Although being a very technical session on adaptation and mitigation regulations in the lead-up to the COP23 in Bonn later this year, the SBI46 session, organised by the UNFCCC in...

In photos: Alaska as it melts

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0 A decade ago this glacier extended past where this image was taken. This melting has negative affects all across the planet. Oceans have risen 6.7" in the past hundred...

Climate Change and Its Effect on Man-Animal Conflict

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In addition to making the planet inhospitable for ourselves we are making it impossible for other living things to survive and thrive. Global warming and climate change is making it...

Climate Change drastically affecting Pygmies in Cameroon

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Ngoebakome Solange, an activist in the pigmy’s community near SCAPALM plantation in Kribi, says that climate change has motivated most pygmy’s women to start educating their children. Solange explains that hey...

Climate Change already impacts Africa, will not wait on diplomats

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Continually growing human and industrial activities have caused dramatically increased emissions of greenhouse gases, which in turn cause the global climate to change rapidly and probably irreversibly. Speaking in an...

Explaining Climate Change and El Nino

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Within our lifetimes, the most dramatic phenomenon linked to climate change is the anomalies in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, dubbed as ENSO (Cane 2004)....

Una práctica ancestral que combate el cambio climático

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La siembra y cosecha del agua se ha convertido en el principal instrumento con el que las comunidades de las zonas altas de Cusco hacen frente a la escasez de...

The impact of climate change on threatened species has been greatly underestimated

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Climate change is no longer a future threat for many species. A recent international study, published in Nature Climate Change, found alarming evidence of responses to recent climate changes in...
A farmer harvests rice on a field in Lalitpur, Nepal October 26, 2016. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Enabling rural Nepalese farmers to cope with climate change

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As unprecedented variation in climatic pattern in recent decades has pushed farming community into unchartered territory farmers in most part of Nepal fail to grasp the cause of that change...

Will climate change bring about a zombie apocalypse?

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If there’s anything we’ve learned about zombie apocalypse movies, it’s that it usually starts with a disease or a virus that affects the brain. Remember Resident Evil, 28 Days Later,...
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4 Tips to Boost your Climate Writing

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The President of the United States of America (POTUS), in all his orange glory, recently signed an executive order to undo rules set in motion under the Obama administration. For…

Insect sushi, anyone?

How eating insects can help solve food insecurity

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Most of us would cringe at the idea of eating insects but insects as a food could help tackle the rising food insecurity and can significantly contribute to lowering greenhouse…


Building Urban Resiliency, One Garden at a Time

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“Eh simula nung nagkasakit ako, nandito na lang ako sa bahay. Hindi na ako pwede magtrabaho. Nung nagkaroon ng garden, kahit papano, may napaglilibangan na ako. Nakakatuwa tingan yung mga…

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Get to know the Women leading the climate movement

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Women have been at the forefront of fighting for the planet and its people. We asked you who are the women that has inspired your country or community and has…

Two Achuar people on their native land in the Peruvian Amazon C. Chaikuni

Black Gold: the Peruvian Oil and Mining Addiction

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Stories of Indigenous communities protesting oil extraction on traditional tribal lands is not a new or surprising occurrence within the global ecological movement. It seems a dark joke on humanity that…

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The other side of energy prosperity: untold truths of America’s fracking boom

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“The bottom line is, natural gas is creating jobs,” said President Barrack Obama in 2013. This built a discourse that promoted hydraulic fracturing as America’s golden ticket to energy prosperity….