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The winners in renewables of the Zayed Future Energy Prize

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(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) Today the winners of the different categories of the “Nobel Prize” for renewable energy at the international level were announced. Who are the companies, organizations…


The renewable energy assembly started in Abu Dhabi

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(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) The event on the international climate action agenda began yesterday in the capital of the United Arab Emirates with a strong objective: to promote the development…

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COP 22 highlights

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So, what did we achieve at COP 22? What happened in the negotiations and did the “COP of action” really deliver? Here is a rundown of COP 22 highlights!  

Children playing at Carli Bay, Trinidad, where climate change is causing major coastal erosion and loss of vital mangroves. Photo credit: Daryll Griffith

What about the Caribbean climate wins?

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There is no doubt that the Caribbean is experiencing the impacts of climate change. The region is home to over 40 million people, who are all directly vulnerable to climate…


Climate Change Reporting in India: Takeaways from Sharada Balasubramanian

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Environmental journalist Sharada Balasubramanian is based out of the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. She was one of the Deutsche Welle Climate Change Reporting Fellows of 2013 and collaborates…

In 2015, vulnerable countries inside the UNFCCC campaigned for 1.5 degrees.

Do Climate Negotiators really Believe Climate Science?

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Scientists have found that UN Climate Negotiators trust their own beliefs more than scientific evidence when it comes to temperature rise. They also found that many negotiators consider the sub-2 degree…

A boy watches cattles in Sudan. Sudan, a country in North Africa, will face more climate impacts including in agriculture and water scarcity. Photo: UNAMID

لاجئي شمال إفريقيا : فتيل أزمةٍ مستقبلية

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احتدم الجدل مؤخراً حول تقديم الحماية لعدة ملايين محتملة من “لاجئي المناخ” الذين تشردوا  أو سيتشردون بفعل تقلبات الطبيعة.بات العلماء يطلقون عليهم اسم “لاجئي المناخ” ممن  اضطرتهم الظروف  للهرب من…


It’s now possible to build your own windmill

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by Léopold Salzenstein The production of wind energy is usually associated with big companies, but producing energy can also be done on a much smaller scale. All around the United Kingdom,…

Washington Times, trying to compete with Washington Post, also writes about the UNFCCC

Right-wing Media pressure Trump to leave Paris Agreement

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The right-wing media alliance in the United States has begun a full-on assault on the Paris agreement this week, as internal divisions within the White House consider their options. In…

A girl walks on a tree damaged by Hurricane Matthew in Les Cayes, Haiti on Oct. 5. Photo: ANDRES MARTINEZ CASARES / Reuters

Sailing towards the 1.5 degrees Limit

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by Amrita Dass The rest of the world seems to be on board, but how far off is the Caribbean from setting sail towards achieving a sustainable future? The Paris…


Are we still debating if climate change was caused by humans?

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In current news on climate change, there were some pretty cool pieces on progress on climate action throughout the world. One of these was the signing of the Paris Agreement…


Climate Change is devastating Ghana’s coasts

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Climate change is one of the most pressing issues to world leaders today. The increasing call for a global partnership to help tackle the problem now is however undermined by…


Things people say when you tell them you work in Climate Change

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When I first started studying Climate Change, then started looking for my first job, most people told me I was wasting my time. No one wants to work on this,…

Metal straws can help you become more sustainable

6 Easy Peasy Ways to have a Sustainable Lifestyle

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Climate change can overwhelm us. Sometimes, thinking about how big of a problem it is, is enough to send us into doubting if we can really solve it, or at…

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5 New Environment-friendly Technologies

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Clean and environment friendly technologies seem to be becoming popular these days. And why not? With the urgency of climate change and other environmental issues, these new technologies can help…

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Hawaii May Ban Sunscreens, Belguim Buses, Record US Solar and other Kool Climate News

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It’s been a pretty ridiculous week for Trump-watching. As late night hosts across the US have pleaded in paraphrased unison this week, “Can we just have 1 bloody normal day”….


In Africa, many women die of pollution from cooking

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The night Fatimah died, it rained endlessly. Her sullen eyes – scarlet and dilated- shut in with a hot, almost steamy tear, as she let out her final cough which…

UN Photo/Albert González Farran

Is there something such as climate wars?

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For every complex problem there is an answer that’s simple, clear and wrong. – H.L. Mencken The link between environmental degradation and conflict, including climate change and conflict, has been…

October 13, 2016 in Special Focus

Smoke And Mirrors: Climate Negotiations And The Fossil Fuel Industry

Imagine this. The government are reviewing the national guidelines on sugar consumption. You would think that this decision would be made by a group of experienced, intelligent and nonpartisan professionals….

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