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February 12, 2017 in Latest News

Why we Need a Climate Coalition between China and the EU

There have been many speculations on whether Trump might pull out of the Paris Agreement. But very few suggestions have been made how to deal with it. If the international…

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February 9, 2017 in Latest News


As reports emerge of the devastation caused by the avalanches in Chitral, in Northern Pakistan, we speak to experts to determine whether climate change may be to blame for the…

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The winners in renewables of the Zayed Future Energy Prize

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(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) Today the winners of the different categories of the “Nobel Prize” for renewable energy at the international level were announced. Who are the companies, organizations…


The renewable energy assembly started in Abu Dhabi

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(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) The event on the international climate action agenda began yesterday in the capital of the United Arab Emirates with a strong objective: to promote the development…

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COP 22 highlights

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So, what did we achieve at COP 22? What happened in the negotiations and did the “COP of action” really deliver? Here is a rundown of COP 22 highlights!  


UN climate talks: why are we still here fighting?

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It seems that for United Nations the COP22 has already ended. via GIPHY Even as i wait outside the plennary waiting for parties to reach consensus, preparing for a long night…

Special Focus
October 13, 2016 in Special Focus

Smoke And Mirrors: Climate Negotiations And The Fossil Fuel Industry

Imagine this. The government are reviewing the national guidelines on sugar consumption. You would think that this decision would be made by a group of experienced, intelligent and nonpartisan professionals….

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