Giving a voice to the unaccredited – Why Talanoa Matters

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The Talanoa Dialogue is giving a voice to the unaccredited, says Jamie Williams from Islamic Relief Worldwide, Climate Tracker spoke with him on the future and importance of Talanoa.

EU: “Loss and Damage will be a key issue for Katowice”

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For the first time, loss and damage now features prominently in the draft text of the Paris Agreement. But does this really mean progress?

24 hours left in Bangkok: Where we might end up

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After a week of Climate Talks in Bangkok, we’re left with a trimmed down version of what the Paris Rulebook might look like. But many options are still up in the air.

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Rise for Climate Protest Outside of UN Negotiations

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Farmers, fishermen, and activists today gathered outside of the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok, as negotiators reach the finishing line of the Climate Change Conference.

Bangkok Update: Will Just Transition be part of Paris?

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Background: Just Transition has become a hot topic during the Bangkok climate negotiations, with the hope that it could become a key element of COP24 stifled by a lack of...

7 Experiences of Climate Change from the UN Climate Talks

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PHOTOS: Climate Tracker spoke to delegates from different countries about how climate change is affecting their country. This is what they said.

World Largest Money Lender to review Fossil Fuel investments worth 12 Billion Euros

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) will review its Energy Lending Criteria in October – impacting 12 billion Euros of Fossi Fuel finance

Bangkok Update: forgetting Talanoa

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With the COP Presidency handed over to Poland, concerns are raised on how the Talanoa process will be shaped at COP24.

Finance falling behind in Bangkok

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INDIA, EGYPT & IRAN: Finance discussions continue to hold back UN cilmate talks

The People’s Demands for COP24

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As negotiators try to make progress in preparation for COP24 in Bangkok, Civil Society Organisations have called out for systemic change in the face of a “climate crisis”.

Egypt: Climate Finance Numbers Don’t Add Up

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Climate Finance is key to a successful Paris Rulebook. So why are we forgetting all about it during the Bangkok talks, asks Egypt.

Katowice is not large enough to host COP24 – this is how the Polish presidency plans to solve it

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Chart: Polish COP presidency will provide delegates with daily badges to deal with historically small conference space.

Special Focus

Dziennikarski przewodnik o zmianach klimatu

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Co się dzieje z klimatem? W ostatnich latach temperatura na Ziemi wzrosła o 1°C. Nie jest to niska wartość, gdyż punkt krytyczny, po którego przekroczeniu może dojść do zachwiania globalnej...

Rohingya Refugees now also Threatened by Monsoon Rains

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After escaping shocking violence in Myanmar, almost 1 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are now confronted with potentially devastating monsoon rains this summer. As many as 150,000 people are at…

Credit: FAO

From problem to opportunity: Migration in times of climate change

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How do displacement and migration relate to natural disasters and climate change? The link between both has been touched upon in recent media coverage on the issue, but little clarity…


Research: Media Landscapes of Middle East and North Africa in reporting Climate Change

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is vulnerable to climate change. It is one of the driest regions with a high dependency on climate-sensitive agriculture. The MENA region...

Language in Reporting Climate Change: A South Asian Study

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This research would not have been possible without the support of the winner of our South Asian Research Competition, Santosh Koirala from Nepal. We also would like to acknowledge the...

Pakistan: In-depth analysis of Media, Language and Climate change across 6 regions in Pakistan

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Our new research looks at the role of language in the underreporting of climate change in Pakistan. ‘I believe that the media plays an important role in agenda setting.’ says…

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