2018 Region Highlights: South East Asia

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Globally, Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. In just the past few months alone, the region has already experienced a typhoon in the Philippines, two tsunamis in Indonesia, and a tropical storm in Thailand. In the face of the complex challenges that climate change poses to the region, journalists are in a unique position to inform the future of the region. We look at some climate journalism highlights on Southeast Asia in the past year.

What did we do in 2018?

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Here's to 2018! What should our new year's resolution be?  what we did in 2018 by ccmwright

Best Long-Form Stories of 2018

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In a digital space where news is often distilled into bite-sized headlines and 280-character tweets, can long-form stories still find an audience? These articles prove that they can.

See how the best long-form stories of 2018 kept readers’ attention spans:

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Best Visual Data Stories of 2018

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Giving audiences new ways to grasp the urgency and scale of climate change has never been more important, with some naming 2019 the year of the climate reporter. With climate change no longer a distant scientific projection into the future, journalists are tasked with writing the new language of climate change.

This year, that meant exciting and bold (and frightening) new visuals to show readers exactly how much has changed in their lifetime, and how close we are to the edge. See some of our favorite visual data stories of the year below:

Read the Best COP24 articles

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COP24 was the climate event of the year, gathering the world's most important climate players in grueling 11-day negotiations. For the past three years, policymakers and experts have been working...

Infographic COP24: What we got in 2018

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Check out this Infographic for everything you need to know about the Paris Rulebook

COP24: A Look at the Final Text

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WHAT DOES THE FINAL TEXT SAY? You can see the final text here.    IPCC Last week the IPCC report on 1.5 degrees of warming was all over the news, for...

COP24: los dinosaurios tienen el protagonismo y peligran las ambiciones

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Por Andrea García (Perú) y María Julia Arana (Bolivia-Argentina) A pocas horas del cierre oficial de la conferencia internacional de cambio climático (COP24) en Katowice, Polonia, continúa la incertidumbre sobre...

5 Reasons 1.5 remains Critical for the Caribbean

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At COP24, we were not surprised to see contention arising between grown delegates over the use of miniscule words. It happened last year, this year, and it is with high...

COP24: Day 11

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Under the new text, developed countries have to communicate every 2 years the finance that they will give to developing countries. If a developing country is also a donor, can communicate that information voluntarily, but it is not compulsory.

Africa unites to finance its climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

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To realise their Nationally Determined Contributions, African countries have since seen the need to unite to reach their unconditional and conditional targets.

IKEA estaría desarrollando una estrategia de sustentabilidad para su cadena de valor del cuero en Brasil

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Esta semana se realizó el Foro de Innovación Sustentable, organizado por Climate Action y el ONU Ambiente, en el marco de la COP24 en Katowice, Polonia.  En una entrevista exclusiva, Jasper Brodin, CEO de IKEA, presentó su estrategia de economía circular y sus objetivos de certificación de su cadena de valor de la madera.

Special Focus

Lutter contre la déforestation : optimiser la mise en œuvre du mécanisme REDD+ en Afrique

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Le mécanisme de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serres issues de la déforestation et de la dégradation des forêts, REDD+, fête les dix ans de sa mise en œuvre en Afrique.

5 Biodiversity Hotspots of the Arab world

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The Arab world is a lot more than sun and sand. When it comes to biodiversity, it is a region incredibly rich in natural habitats, many of which could be under threat if nothing more is done soon. Here are 5 of my favourites (that are not the desert)

Dziennikarski przewodnik o zmianach klimatu

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Co się dzieje z klimatem? W ostatnich latach temperatura na Ziemi wzrosła o 1°C. Nie jest to niska wartość, gdyż punkt krytyczny, po którego przekroczeniu może dojść do zachwiania globalnej...


Research: Media Landscapes of Middle East and North Africa in reporting Climate Change

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is vulnerable to climate change. It is one of the driest regions with a high dependency on climate-sensitive agriculture. The MENA region...

Language in Reporting Climate Change: A South Asian Study

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This research would not have been possible without the support of the winner of our South Asian Research Competition, Santosh Koirala from Nepal. We also would like to acknowledge the...

Pakistan: In-depth analysis of Media, Language and Climate change across 6 regions in Pakistan

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Our new research looks at the role of language in the underreporting of climate change in Pakistan. ‘I believe that the media plays an important role in agenda setting.’ says…

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