¿Quién financia nuestra Agrobiodiversidad?

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“Los abuelos de nuestros abuelos sabían cuidar las quinuas de colores, pero ahora necesitamos más apoyo para mantener los campos sin venenos, porque solo nos piden algunas variedades”, refiere Apolinaria...

Desastres climáticos ¿por qué el financiamiento debería importarnos?

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En relación con los desastres climáticos, el financiamiento para la adaptación se considera una prioridad ya que está encaminado a la puesta en marcha de acciones y medidas que permitan...

The silent climate burn in Chin State

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MINDAT, Chin State — It’s been another bad year of flooding in Burma. This year, however, the monsoon season’s heavy downpours and swelling rivers didn’t just take a toll on...

Alba Generación expande su parque eólico en Nicaragua en 40 megavatios más

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El próximo año la matriz energética contará con otro proyecto de energía renovable, se trata del Parque Eólico Camilo Ortega II, de la empresa Alba Generación, el cual estaría aportando a...

India’s clean energy fund hijacked by Ganga and GST

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To say India has an unhealthy appetite for coal would be an understatement. Last year, coal production in India peaked at over 600 million tonnes and imports brought in an...

Can Renewables Stop Heatwaves In The Middle East?

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Temperatures in Arab countries are establishing new records each summer. The heat waves that are occurring in Kuwait, Iraq and Morocco have highlighted the consequences of climate change in the MENA region....

Burst the Bubbles: The Future of Climate Campaigning in a Post-factual Age

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The election of Donald Trump was a shock for the climate movement. His victory brutally confronted us with its own failures. Looking at the bigger picture, many commentators considered Trump’s…


My COP experience with Climate Tracker

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In September 2016 I was fortunate enough to get a writing fellowship with Climate Tracker, at that time I did not know a lot about climate change and I had...
Sharif(15) poses for a portrait on the bank of river Meghna where his land and home lost due to erosion in Bhola.

In photos: Bhola in Danger

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Bhola is the largest Island of Bangladesh, located in the southern part, situated where freshwater from the rivers meets saltwater from the Bay of Bengal. On the Bhola Island, fisher...

Young Innovators for Climate Change – how the youth is tackling climate change, one innovation at a time

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Europe’s biggest climate innovation network gives young people the chance to develop business ideas that tackle climate change. Might a business approach offer solutions for dealing with climate change to...

How a Climate Tracker fellowship helped shape our lives

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Whenever we conduct workshops or trainings, one of the questions that people always ask is how we came to work for Climate Tracker. How did we start? When did our...
Charcoal Briquests

Charcoal briquettes deliver 50% more heat for each dollar spent than wood logs

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BLOCKS of compressed coal dust, mixed with wood chips or biomas, oftenly called briquettes; can deliver around 50 per cent more heat for each dollar spent than wood logs, a...

Se reveiller dans les vagues de la mer ou sur terre, Psychose du Lendemain

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Dormir sous l’effet de la peur n’est pas bon pour la santé. Et pourtant, c’est devenu le quotidien de ceux qui résistent encore à l’avancée de la mère dans le...

Nepal: A country battling climate change

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Having been a least developed country for decades now, Nepal has compromised and struggled a lot for its development endeavors. Even before climate change started posing its threats, it was...
Erosion 1

Togo : La mer sort de son lit et envahit les populations de la côte à Aného

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Aného est une ville historique du Togo (Afrique de l’Ouest) située sur la côte (océan atlantique) à 50 kilomètres à l’Est de Lomé la capitale. Cette ville est menacée de...

Climate Change: A leading driver of language loss

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Several Nuatambu islanders watched their homes get washed into the sea and disappear due to rising sea levels along the solomon islands forcing them to leave their traditional lands to...
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Climate Change Impacts in Water Resources: A Case of Nepal

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Natural scenic landscape and biodiversity, high Himalayas, incomparable cultural heritages and other numerous peculiarities have made Nepal well-known in the world with a distinct image. However, we cannot ignore few...
Md. Abdullah (age 15) suffering from diarrhoea for a few days, going to district hospital. Waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, skin diseases, are very common in Satkhira. Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The regular and severe natural hazards that Bangladesh already suffers from – tropical cyclones, river erosion, flood, landslides and drought – are all set to increase in intensity and frequency as a result of climate change. Sea level rise will increasingly inundate coastal land in Bangladesh and dramatic coastal and river erosion will destroy lands and homes. These and the many other adverse effects of climate change will severely impact the economy and development of the country.One of the most dramatic impacts will be the forced movement of people throughout Bangladesh as a result of losing their homes, lands, property and livelihoods to the effects of climate change. While it is impossible to predict completely accurate figures of how many people will be displaced by climate change, the best current estimates state that sea level rise alone will displace 18 million Bangladeshis within the next 40 years. The vast majority of these people will be displaced within Bangladesh – not across international borders – presenting the Government with enormous challenges, particularly when it comes to finding places to live and work for those displaced.

In photos: Climate Crisis in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The regular and severe natural hazards that Bangladesh already suffers from – tropical cyclones, river erosion,...

To polluE – to peyE (tu pollues, tu paies)

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Les Mauriciens se souviendront du slogan « To zeT- to taC » : celui qui pollue l’environnement en jetant ses déchets risque une amende. Extrapolons ce slogan vis-à-vis des industries qui polluent. Si...