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A few weeks ago, we called for fellows for our South Asia conference which will be happening in October in Sri Lanka. After publishing some articles and a series of interviews, we now have our 15 fellows to South Asia. They will be on a funded fellowship to join us on a workshop on climate change adaptation and journalism. They will also join the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum also happening in Colombo. Get to know our first batch of fellows:

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BinodBinod Prasad Parajuli is a youth from Nepal whose interests include Climate Change Adaptation, youth empowerment and Disaster Risk Reduction. He is currently enrolled in Master’s program at Central Department of Environmental science, Tribhuvan University. He has been involving in youth empowerment and many green activities, Highlighting some of his past activities, he had worked as network coordinator of informal youth network YDRR ( Youth for Disaster Risk Reduction), worked as program officer in Environment and Child Concern Organization Nepal.

Binod also appeared on national level television programs as a youth focal person on Role of Youths on Disaster risk reduction and reducing vulnerability. He has worked as program coordinator at National Network of Community Disaster Management Committee (NCDMC), Nepal. Recently, he led a campaign demanding strong climate action called “Global Divestment Campaign” in Nepal where more than 500 youths marched putting up an umbrella symbolizing divestment from fossil fuels and investment in renewables.

Besides this, as a passionate learner he has been to more than 60% of rural areas of Nepal for research purpose. Also, he is research scholar at Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE) Research on Glacier and Snowpack Dependent River Basins for Improving Livelihoods. He is passionate writer, photographer and traveller.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.32.31 AMAnam dreams of a global community filled with happy humans,happy animals and happy plants- and lots of good books and food.

As a climate change and DRR practitioner with more than 5 years experience in policy, research and community projects, she has worked for some of the leading NGOs on promoting a sustainable world. Anam holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Natural Resource Management from the University of Leicester in the UK, and is passionate about communicating her experiences working on climate change with vulnerable communities. To this end she has regularly blogged for and developed opinion pieces for a number of regional and national publications in Pakistan (The Third Pole, Daily Times, Pakistan Today, Daily Pakistan), as well as having appeared on National Television on a number of occasions as a Climate Change Expert. Anam is no stranger to climate tracker- she was featured as the fossil fuel tracker for 2 months this year.

When she is not writing about climate change and volunteering for poverty reduction initiatives, Anam enjoys spending time with her dog Zsa Zsa, and enjoys kickboxing, cooking and reading. She plans to take up learning a musical instrument this year.

20160712_151949Lova Raju Donkina comes from Paderu, a small village in Visakhapatanam District, Andhra Pradesh, India. He completed his bachelors degree in BSC Computers and after that, started working in Laya Tribe development organization incPaderu.  He implements DREO (Decentralize Renewable  Energy Options), directly working around 6500 tribe families to develop and utilization of resources.

Recently, he has promoted improved wood stoves. Earlier, the community  used inefficient wood stoves. He also focused on women’s health issues on collecting and using firewood. Their organization changed stoves technology using 10 feet chimneys for smoke. Around 400 have benefitted from this.

IMG_20160902_062928Salman Khan is a passionate Eco-Queer activist, blogger and aspiring photojournalist from Pakistan who has dedicated his life for the planet, people and peace.

He is a Pakistani environmental blogger and activist based in Karachi who happens to be particularly interested in working for climate change and other environmental issues in Pakistan and across the South Asian region. He has written for ‘The Nation’ and other blogs about climate change and other social issues.

He is currently pursuing his BA from Karachi University, and looks at pursing a Masters in Mass Communication from the same university in near future. He is also an active campaigner and blogger for causes ranging from feminism, secularism, animal rights, LGBT rights and rights of religious minorities too in Pakistan and beyond.

Professionally a BPO (international sales) executive by night and an activist/ blogger by passion during days. He is a lover of science, tech and nature, father to a spoiled kitty cat named ‘Ananya’ who enjoys indie music, Chai (Tea), Netflix and social events when free.

Raakhee_01092016Raakhee is a writer, editor, analyst and nascent social entrepreneur based out of Chennai, India. Her areas of interests include sustainable development, renewable energy, environment and climate change, women’s empowerment, rural development, leveraging corporate social responsibility for sustainable development, and foreign policy. She is associated with the Red Elephant Foundation and the Chennai Centre for China Studies and liaise with many think tanks, NGOs, companies, schools, colleges and government entities in the quest to launch her initiative Sunshine Millennium. She has a Master’s degree in International Studies and a Bachelors in Chemistry both streams helping her better understand her research interest. Bringing prosperity through green enterprises to disadvantaged regions is her life goal.

She also loves traveling, reading and writing. While she awaits the opportunity and funds to set up a rural, off-grid, renewable-energy-powered, green millennium development centre she speaks to school and college students through environment cells, Environmental Studies programmes in schools and undergraduate courses and career guidance cells encouraging youngsters to opt for careers in fields of sustainable development and renewable energy and adopt a greener lifestyle.


MD. Arif Chowdhury is from Bangladesh working as Research associate in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, running research work on governance status against climate change in Bangladesh. He has also worked in a project of REDD+ on participatory carbon measurement in hill tracts areas in Bangladesh. He is currently attending a professional masters on Disaster management in Dhaka university.

He is the founder coordinator of a youth led voluntary organization named as “Youth Volunteer of Environment” for which he received the National Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015. He has also attended in several national and international programs such as, International study visit in Uganda as international delegate and Global Youth Consultation – World Humanitarian Summit 2015 in Doha, Qatar as facilitator.

In last three months, he has worked on several research topics and one of his research papers titled as “Community based adaptation in Komolchari Village common forest in Khagrachai, Chittagong, Bangladesh.” He has also recently attended in a workshop in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief on Climate Change Adaptation.


Sanam Parajuli is a 21 year old undergraduate student of agricultural science at Agriculture and Forestry University, located in the Chitwan district of Nepal. He has participated in quite a few volunteering activities, researches, seminars, workshops and conferences related to agriculture, climate change, entrepreneurship, ICTs and youth and leadership related issues. He worked as the secretary for a youth led platform called Agriyouthnepal from 2014 to 2016, activities of which focused on youth engagement on agricultural issues, Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and its use in betterment of agricultural (learning, researches and farming) activities. Besides this, he is also a member of an organization called Group of Agriculture and Veterinary Students (GAVS) , an organization which focuses on encouraging innovations for agricultural development.

His article entitled “Youth for Utopia” was awarded an honorable mention on the 8th Eco Generation Environmental Essay Competition organized by Tunza Eco Generation. His article on climate change, focusing on its effects on Nepalese agriculture, was recently published on Kaagmandu magazine.

In the last 3 months, he and one of his friends went on emphasizing incidence of pests, diseases and abiotic stresses on tomatoes and cucumbers cultivated in Pharping, a small town in the central mid hills of Nepal. They worked voluntarily for a week, visiting villages and vegetable farms scattered over the hilly terrain and helped farmers identify the problems affecting their vegetables and provide them with proper technical solutions to the identified problems.

ParulParul Tewari hails from a city called Lucknow which is in the state of Uttar Pradesh, lying in North of India. She is currently in New Delhi working at the Centre for Science and Environment. Prior to this she was pursuing a Masters’ course in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She also has a post-graduate diploma in communications from the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, Delhi.

She was always interested in the social sector and was involved in a number of initiatives at her school and college. While studying communications she would pick up social campaigns as in her case – studies and even organised an environmental film-making documentary with the help of the Canadian Embassy.

After having completed her studies in communications, she worked as a corporate communications executive for 2 years, which is when she realized two things – one, that she is not cut-out for the corporate world, and two, that she would like to work in some socially productive or meaningful field. Also, while working for a corporate which had chemical plants in the countryside, she had a first hand experience of the havoc it was wrecking in the lives of the villagers living nearby.

Caught in an ethical dilemma, she decided to quit her job and study about the environment in greater depth. This is when she took up the course in Climate Change & Sustainability Studies and there was no looking back after that.

About Renee Juliene Karunungan

Renee, from the Philippines, is currently Climate Tracker's Outreach Manager. She was a Climate Tracker fellow and was named by The Guardian as one of the "Young Climate Campaigners to Watch Before the UN Paris Summit" in 2015.