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Research: Media Landscapes of Middle East and North Africa in reporting Climate Change

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is vulnerable to climate change. It is one of the driest regions with a high dependency on climate-sensitive agriculture. The MENA region...

Language in Reporting Climate Change: A South Asian Study

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This research would not have been possible without the support of the winner of our South Asian Research Competition, Santosh Koirala from Nepal. We also would like to acknowledge the...

Pakistan: In-depth analysis of Media, Language and Climate change across 6 regions in Pakistan

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Our new research looks at the role of language in the underreporting of climate change in Pakistan. ‘I believe that the media plays an important role in agenda setting.’ says…

Fear Doesn’t Work: Communicating Climate Change for 2017

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Last year, Climate Tracker produced toolkits to help journalists, writers, and other communicators write about climate change and publish it in media. But, we couldn’t help ask ourselves: what makes…

Latest Toolkits

Diet Change Not Climate Change: Toolkit

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Read the Toolkit Here Join our #DietChangeNotClimateChange writing competition and win a partially-funded spot to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in Egypt! We are looking for young writers…

7 Tipp a kutatómunkához

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Mielőtt nekilátsz a cikked megírásának, érdemes egy vázlatot készítened, amiben körvonalazod az állás pontjaidat és az ezekhez tartozó példákat, amiket használni fogsz. Ez segít abban, hogy kordában tartsd a gondolataidat,…