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Several hundred languages are spoken in South Asia a region with a lot of geographic, economic and cultural diversity. South Asia is also one of the places in the world most impacted by climate change- the IPCC in particular warns of floods and droughts increasing as the climate changes.

But there is limited debate in these countries on climate change and its impacts, particularly at the level of the local communities.

The media can play an important role in generating debate on climate change- and eventually leading communities to push their governments to act. But communicating to diverse audiences, especially those that speak a myriad of different languages can be challenging.

Climate Tracker is working on a study to explore how language can play a role in the reporting of climate change- and whether language has been a barrier in communicating with vulnerable communities.

We recently conducted this research in Pakistan and you can read our report here. But now we want to look at all the other countries in South Asia.

For this, we need your help- and you may win an internship worth 200 USD at Climate Tracker! To apply, please visit our app.

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