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How the Climate Tracker fellowship helped me as a writer

By June 22, 2016 No Comments

My name is Amrita Dass and I am from the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, which is located in the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. I am currently a university student pursuing a double major in Biology and Environmental Sciences. I have a passion for environmental awareness and a talent for writing short stories and articles.

This fellowship has been a tremendous experience, which I am truthfully grateful and thankful to be a part of. It allowed me the opportunity to combine my talent for writing, with my passion for educating the public on ways in which they can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

My mentor throughout this six week programme was Anna Perez Catala. We had a skype call once each week to discuss the topic of my article and different perspectives which I could take to make my article more relatable to the public. These skype calls not only helped to improve and diversify my writing skills, but it also gave me a greater understanding of climate change, and widened my knowledge on different aspects of it, which I was previously unaware of.

Anna was always pleasant and helpful, which made me feel welcomed and at ease to email her at any given time if I was having difficulty with sourcing information for my articles. She consistently responded on a timely basis, with many solutions to any problem I had at hand. Having someone there to guide me through this process, made it considerably easier and more enjoyable.

Winning one of these fellowships is undoubtedly one of my greatest achievements yet, as it allowed me the experience to grow as a writer and budding environmentalist. I am definitely thankful for all the lessons learnt and for the opportunity to meet and work with people possessing the same interests as myself.

Amrita Dass

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