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Getting to Know Sohara Mehroze Shachi

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

Sohara is currently a Programme Associate at Climate Change, Environment and Disaster Management under UNDP Bangladesh.


We asked her 10 questions relevant to her role now as a Climate Tracker and here are her answers:

Being a citizen of one of the most climate vulnerable nations of the world – Bangladesh – and seeing firsthand the plight of thousands of climate refugees moving to my city Dhaka has played a big role in it.

I am interested to see whether the accessibility issues to acquiring funds from GCF are addressed and direct access of LDCs and developing nations to international climate finance is ensured.

Bangladesh’s contribution to the world’s climate emission is one of the lowest and yet the country is not only undertaking commendable mitigation efforts but also funding over 70% of its climate change adaptation projects with its own funds.

In addition to being a writer, I am a development professional working with the Climate Change, Environment and Disaster Management portfolio of UNDP Bangladesh. So I believe my experience in designing adaptation projects for the green climate funds and working with the government for implementation of our programmatic interventions to combat climate change and build resilience, will help me provide a more holistic perspective to the team.

Climate change is neither something that affects only polar bears, nor a problem for future generations; it poses a threat to all of us including you. Read, talk to already affected communities, enlighten yourselves and play your part, no matter how small, in combating climate change and saving our planet.

Young advocates are often dismissed on the grounds that we don’t have enough experience or knowledge base on climate change and this apparent lack of credibility often translates to difficulties in getting our message across to relevant authorities such as government & private sector officials.

I have a feeling that experience awaits me in Paris!

I would make enough renewable energy available at a reasonable price to meet the entire world’s energy needs and make all coal fired power plants disappear. 

If I were stuck on a deserted island (which is pretty scary as it is), I think I would rather bring my friends instead of dead people who would make things even creepier!

I often feel that music is my true calling. Over the last 10 years I have sung various genres – classical music in school, jazz acapella in college and now a Bengali fusion choir – and loved every bit of it! If the 9-5-job routine becomes unbearable, I might switch to becoming a fulltime (penniless) musician.



Here are some of the articles Sohara wrote:

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