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Getting to Know Domoina Ratovozanany

By November 25, 2015 No Comments

Domoina is presently a national communication consultant for the three-year (2013-2016)  programme in response to the locust plague in Madagascar at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


 We asked her 10 questions relevant to her role now as a Climate Tracker and here are her answers:

Madagascar has an original and distinctive flora and fauna, with a very high rate of endemism. In terms of initial extent of habitats covered with local vegetation, Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands ranks 10th among 34 priority biodiversity areas identified by Conservation International. Unfortunately much of this marvel is threatened with extinction, mainly due to deforestation and climate change. A few months ago, I realized that environmental problems, especially climate change, have serious impacts not only on biodiversity but also on the well-being and socio-economic development, threatening our future in the short term, medium term and long term.

I am most interested about the mitigation in developing countries and related issues (finance, capacity building, technologies, transfer and development). My region includes mainly the least developed countries, the V20, African Group and the G-77 Group and China. In my opinion, the most strategic issue for it is that the means for the implementation of the conventions are included in the final outcome of the climate agreement in a clear and precise manner. Indeed, the realization of the submitted INDC from most of developing countries is “conditional” to the availability of these means.

I approve most of the actions that the Republic of Madagascar projects, particularly in the “mitigation” part, as they are perfectly realizable and ambitious. However, the level of the objectives in reduction of greenhouse gases emission, I think that the government could have been more ambitious and putting a radical objective of zero emissions.

It is true that COP21 is an international diplomatic meeting where English is the first language. As the event is happening in the French capital, Paris, however, having team members who write and speak French fluently is essential. In addition, Southern French-speaking countries can follow the news on the COP21 daily through my articles.

Climate change is a real problem and must be resolved urgently. The consequences, increasingly severe, may differ by region but all the inhabitants of the planet are concerned. Socio-economic development, political stability, health, food … all sectors are threatened by the impacts of global warming. It is urgent for governments, for companies, for each of us to take appropriate actions to save our lives, to save our future, to save the world where our children will live. We will live together or perish together.

The most difficult experience I had as an advocate so far has been to persuade the Malagasy government to develop a national action plan on climate change, through the articles I wrote in the 2015 Climate Trackers program.

This is the Climate Trackers 2015 program as it is the first action I am committed myself as a defender. In addition of convincing the Malagasy government to develop a national action plan on climate change (the INDC), I deepened my knowledge on climate change, as well as on national, regional and international development challenges, and the principles of conduct of international negotiations. I also developed many new relationships on social networks, but also with government officials and young people of Madagascar, the Indian Ocean and other countries that are engaged in tackling climate change and sustainable development.

If I could change a single thing in the world nowadays to combat climate change, all countries in the world would use no more fossil fuels, and would all use renewables. Thus, greenhouse gas emissions would be radically reduced, and global warming would decrease with all the positive effects this fact would produce.

If I were stuck on a deserted island, I would want to bring from history Mother Theresa because she is very active, brave, gentle and kind. She would take care of me very well. I would also take back the architect, Françoise-Hélène Jourda, one of the first women to have fought for the inclusion of ecology in construction in France because she could build a beautiful green city on the desert island. Finally, with his original talent, the singer Michael Jackson would be very inspiring and could compose several new songs on the desert island.

My favorite hobby is eating good food, but occupation that I hate the most is cooking.


To read some articles Domoina wrote for this program, check her blog.


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