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Getting to Know Dizzanne Billy

By November 24, 2015 No Comments

Dizzanne is the President of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network- Trinidad and Tobago Chapter. For COP21, she is most concerned with loss and damage and climate finance especially for small island developing states.

Dizzanne Billy (7)

 We asked her 10 questions relevant to her role now as a Climate Tracker and here are her answers:

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I have a very close link with nature. As a family we spent a lot of time outdoors. As a teenager, my love for nature grew and I became more aware of the harmful effects that man is having on the environment. This drew me to revitalise the environment club in my secondary school at the age of 14, and since then I have been involved actively in environmental work, trying to inspire others to change their behaviour toward the environment. I love nature and I must do everything I can to protect it.

All the issues are important, however, I am most interested in loss and damage, climate finance, climate change and gender, and renewable energy. SIDS are affected most significantly by loss and damage as a result of intense and extreme climate conditions, however, due to financial and technical limitations, we are often unable to engage in the actions needed to protect ourselves and or finance the critical capacity building needed to support adaptation and mitigation.

I do not approve of my country’s INDC because I strongly believe that as the top producer and exporter of oil and gas in the Caribbean region, much more needs to be done. Looking at it from an economic perspective, the world is moving away from oil and gas and looking toward renewable energy and if we fail to make stronger efforts to do the same we will be left behind. The INDC is insufficient as it is restricted to reductions in the transportation sector and does not apply to the major emitter – the oil and gas sector.

  • Access to young people of the LAC region
  • As the editor-in-chief for to CYEN’s ECOLife magazine, I have access to a global audience, through which my words may be used to enlighten, inspire, and galvanize people across the world into climate action.
  • Through avenues facilitated by CYEN, I may be able to engage with governments in climate discussion, thereby, helping me not only adequately track countries across the LAC region.
  • I’ve been a social media manager for the past six years, for various organisations.
  • Design skills in terms of infographics and similar publications.
  • Experience in diplomacy

Climate change action can only make the world a better and safer place to live in. If we take the word of the deniers then we are allowing room for doubt and there is no room for doubt when it comes to the survival of people.

Trying to convince local media that climate change and the environment are topics worth publishing about. Trying to show people that climate change and the environment is pervasive and just as important as news about politics, the economy, or the society. However, through AaN this is changing for me, slowly but surely.

Inspiring the other young people who I have come into contact with. I have had students come up to me after events and express their amazement at my presentations and how much they’ve learned about the environment that they did not learn in school. Being an inspiration to another young woman particularly is in itself an inspiration for me. It shows that we can create positive change and we can motivate each other to act in ways which will benefit the world rather than contribute to the downfall of humanity.

Dizzanne Billy (4)

I would like to be Storm, so that I can control the elements; bringing water to those suffering from shortages, prevent coastal erosion and islands from sinking, and blow away the smoke toxifying the air.

  • Jane Austen – because I think we would be best of friends, we’d write a collaborative novel about our experience on the deserted island and it would be a worldwide bestseller.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci – He was a very creative man, a visionary who saw the world in a different light, beyond what was considered to be normal. I think I could learn a lot from conversing with Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Julia Child – She would be able to make great meals out of whatever was available on the island. She was a master in the kitchen and therefore our survival might depend on her genius.

I love water but I cannot swim. This does not stop me from going into deep waters and even jumping off waterfalls (once I have a life jacket). I love outdoor adventures, even if it scares me, or especially if it scares me. I am very open minded, even when it is difficult to be, and I avoid conflict like the plague.


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