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Getting to Know Anna Perez Catala

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Anna is currently a Climate Change Technician in an environmental NGO called ‘Ecologistas en Acción’.


 We asked her 10 questions relevant to her role now as a Climate Tracker and here are her answers:

My family always brought me to the mountains when I was I child, we have a house in the Pyrenees and I spent there lots of summers and weekends in its fields and woods. I loved nature and I wanted to understand it and preserve it, so I studied environmental sciences and I learned about the impacts of climate change in it and, most importantly, the system that causes them.

I am interested in mitigation, both the long-term goal and the 5 year cycles of review, because I think it is the way to ensure that ambition can grow and action will be taken.

No. I think Europe in general should be much more ambitious and lead the decarbonisation path. Furthermore, Spain is the perfect example on ‘how not to do an energy revolution’, and stopped investing in renewables and increased coal consumption. How do you want the rest of the world to trust you will change your energy system?

I think no one is indispensable but everybody is necessary, and the work of all of us together will be the most valuable. My value is that I am the only one who writes in Spanish, which is very important to reach millions of people in the world. I am also a very enthusiastic person and I love team building, so that will be good in the down moments of COP.

I would ask them how much money do they get paid from fossil fuel companies.

COP20 was definitively the most challenging experience because of the amount of work and different range of skills that I had to use. It nearly killed me but I loved it!

Social movements in my city came together to overthrow my right-wing xenophobe Mayor. We won the last elections and it was the sweetest victory ever, and now we are working towards building a better and more inclusive society.

I want the power to make things disappear. I would start by making fossil fuels disappear… and who knows, maybe some politicians come afterwards…

Aristotle to have long interesting and varied conversations, the best cook in history to have nice food, and MacGyver to solve all the problems.

I was a crew member of a sailing boat for 10 days and sailed around the Mediterranean.



Anna has written articles for various media platforms:

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-El País:

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– Other:

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